19 04 2014

What’s really going on?  First the US tried false flag ops against Syria, both last year and this, via Turkey and the Saudis, while pumping huge new supplies of arms and operatives into the region.  So far these have been exposed or blocked — thanks not only to Russia but the Brit Parliament, considerable public skepticism, and a few serious journalists.

In Ukraine the US has spent years and billions to break it away from Russia and get it attached to the EU and NATO.  Having failed it  fomented and fueled the violent right-wing Kiev putsch.  Now in recent days Obama has sent his right-hand covert operative, now the CIA Director, secretly to Kiev (until also exposed) to give the new regime help launching clandestine and military forces against the popular uprising in the Russian-speaking areas in the East and South.

But when the military assault got blocked — combination of people-power and Russian deterrence — the US bought time for it’s Kiev regime with the latest Geneva Agreement.

Under cover of the agreement the US is now rushing more military supplies to Kiev while preparing it’s regime there to use more political chicanery, covert operations, and when beefed-up and ready military power to prevent the East and South from holding referendums demanding at minimum major constitutional autonomy changes.  Blocking Russian intervention and buying time for Kiev to be strengthened is what the Geneva Agreement is really about.   But there is also Plan B.  Should the US-Kiev regime fail, and/or should such Russian intervention come in Ukraine — on Russia’s border and with such major historical connections — the US and NATO will then use it as the excuse to further encircle Russia and cripple it economically, isolate it from Europe, and eventually bring down Putin.

In the background loom also Syria and Iran with the US, Saudis and Israel all super eager to weaken Russian military and economic assistance to those countries, and then somehow block Russian deterrence making possible more overt US and NATO interventions against the regimes in those key countries.

As for the “Jews must register” flyer, it has all the signs of a political/psychological false flag op, quite possibly one that has both CIA and Mossad deeply covert assistance in close coordination with Kiev.   US officials including Obama and Kerry immediately started hyping it, even though it was from the start clearly a hoax, and in Israel they are loudly encouraging Ukrainian Jews to come on up (aliyah) to the Jewish homeland.  The Head of the Jewish Agency, Natan Sharansky, himself a former Soviet Jewish “refusenik”, has openly bragged that he expects (and is now working overtime to bring about) much more Jewish emigration from Ukraine to Israel.


18 04 2014

Sometimes the slogan “let history be our guide” is apropo. When it comes to “Geneva Agreements” they almost always not only fail but are purposefully meant to delay and obfuscate.  Geneva is public diplomacy designed to mask both reality and more conflict preparations.

In the 1970s the US and Soviet Union made Geneva Agreements about Israel and the Arabs that are now all but forgotten.

In recent years there have been Geneva meetings and agreements about Syria but things have only gotten worse.

Not likely the Geneva Agreement of yesterday about Ukraine will bear fruit, and indeed both Obama and Putin in their public remarks yesterday seemed to be telegraphing their doubts and preparing for what’s really ahead.  Indeed yesterday Putin publicly talked of Ukraine as “New Russia” and of Russia’s “right” to intervene if necessary.  And the Americans went out of their way yesterday as well  to announce military “supplies” (but not “lethal” ones) to the Kiev regime, NATO troops and arms are moving east to the Russia border, and the CIA Director himself just went to Kiev…secretly until exposed by the Ruskies.

Check daily MiddleEast.Org and

ISRAEL prepares “SURPRISE” attack on IRAN

17 04 2014

Amazing how this is all talked about so opening and cavalierly.  If is were the Russians or Iranians or just about anyone else preparing and planning such a “surprise attack” in the open like this the world would, well, be up in arms!  But when it comes to the Israelis and their American patron it’s another ball game.   Make sure to read the detailed analysis featured today at the top of MiddleEast.Org.

Israel: Courageous Mass Refusal

15 04 2014         They are still teenagers, but they are already serious citizens and dare I say heroes.  In Israel 70 about-to-graduate high school students have written to the Prime Minister to declare:

“We, the undersigned, intend to refuse to serve in the army and the main reason is our opposition to the military occupation of Palestinian territories.”

Their letter accuses the Israeli army of committing human rights abuses and war crimes “on a daily basis”, including assassinations, torture, and collective punishment.

There was a movement of civil disobedience in Israel years ago before the Oslo agreement.   A Defense Minister’s son in fact refused to serve and fled to the USA where he became an American citizen banned from Israel.   But now in the age of social media it’s possible for the first time that such a movement could gain momentum and “catch on”, as has the BDS movement in some circles.

It’s a good time to be remembering Rosa Parks, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Daniel Ellsberg, and Edward Snowden.

SAMSON arrives to Israel – compliments USA of course

14 04 2014

The Samson can fly close to the ground and land and take off on primitive airstrips.  The Israelis say it is of “decisive importance” and will allow Israel to execute “more complex missions, under any conditions, deeper [within enemy territory], faster and more clandestinely.”

Off the public and media radar the US is arming the Israelis for a major regional war designed to destroy Israel’s enemies –  which are also Saudi Arabia’s enemies and for which the Saudis too are being heavily armed.  The Saudis though are paying, the Israelis are getting.

The US has already coughed up a great deal to help Israel develop multiple layers of anti-missiles defense.  On top of this a vast arsenal of the latest super offensive weapons has been supplied to Israel and in some cases co-developed.  The Israel Lobby is now pushing that the recently produced super bunker busting bombings, those with 5 to 10 times the power of any previous bombs, be supplied to Israel to further “threaten” Iran.

And just in recent days the largest and most capable U.S. military transport airplane started arriving in Israel – the SAMSON – known in the US as the Super Hercules.  This in addition to the latest jet fighters and air refueling aircraft the Israelis need for the coming hot war with Iran, on top of Syria, Lebanon, and Palestine.

East and West Ukraine – Russia has Vital Interests and History too!

13 04 2014

The Kiev, Ukraine Interior Minister said this morning “Anti-terrorist operation has started in Slaviansk. It is managed by Anti-terrorist Center of the Security Service of Ukraine. All the law enforcement agencies of the country are participating. God speed!  Tell all civilians to leave the center of town – don’t leave your apartment, or go to the window.”  Russian forces are prepared to intervene and may need to.   I wrote here on 26 February the following well in advance of what has since happened:

East and West Ukraine – Russia has Vital Interests and History too!

With the break-up of the Soviet Union and the end of the cold cold war, President Gorbachev thought he had a deal with the U.S. and the West to restrain themselves!  But that wasn’t to be.  Instead the Western countries pushed into Eastern Europe and former Soviet-bloc areas and rather than suspending expanded the role of NATO and the EU…continually encroaching on Russian interests and connected areas.   Then the US using NATO pushed military forces and missiles eastward toward the borders of the new Russian Federation.

The Americans have their Monroe Doctrine as well as Manifest Destiny.   Now the “New Russia” is reasserting itself and understandably so.  Ukraine is even more critical for Russia than Syria, far more so in fact.

Just a few years ago the US and EU were pushing hard for the breakup of Sudan.  South Sudan was born as a result and is today in such agony.   Now the US and EU are insisting Ukraine, unlike Sudan, cannot break up and Russia must not assert it’s critical interests right in its own backyard.    Worse yet the US and EU have been pursuing policies, both overt and clandestine, to rip Ukraine away from Russia’s sphere of influence and push it into their own, further encircling Iran at the same time as further weakening, potentially in fact crippling, Russia in the critical Black Sea and Mediterranean areas.

As a result of US and EU policies, the likely result is now going to be a divide into East and West Ukraine.  And in this case, even if Russia should use troops and other means in East Ukraine it will have ample justification…despite all the screaming and threatening that can be expected from the West, especially the neocon supremacists.

Russia and China Stop US War on Syria…so far

12 04 2014

Only the direct de jure intervention of the US and NATO in Syria has been prevented.  The de facto clandestine war has been underway for some years now, spearheaded by U.S. allies Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar and Israel.  The new recent plot by Turkish leaders, covertly egged on by the Americans and probably Saudis, to use a false flag excuse to start a major bombing campaign in Syria, was exposed and revealed by the Russians and thus may have been shelved at this time.  But expect more of the same in the months ahead from all parties.


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