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22 10 2014

Become a MiddleEast.Org INTERN

If you are a student looking for a very interesting, challenging, and worthwhile internship please email to:   and call (202) 495-1235.

If you are in Washington DC great!   But since nearly all the work will be done online location is not a problem.  But being knowledgeable about the Middle East Peace Process and how to work online and use social media are important.

US wins poll: “the biggest threat to world peace”

22 10 2014

Noam Chomsky reminds us in his latest article (read it at today) that:

An international poll released a year ago by the Worldwide Independent Network/Gallup International Association (WIN/GIA) found that the United States is ranked far in the lead as “the biggest threat to world peace today,” far ahead of second-place Pakistan (doubtless inflated by the Indian vote), with no one else even close.

EBOLA almost took down WASHINGTON DC in 1989!

21 10 2014

“A highly infectious, deadly virus from the central African rain forest suddenly appears in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. There is no cure. In a few days 90 percent of its victims are dead. A secret military SWAT team of soldiers and scientists is mobilized to stop the outbreak of this exotic “hot” virus.”

This is not fiction!  It happened just 25 years ago close to  Washington DC at the U.S. Army’s Fort Detrick biological research facility near Reston, Virginia.  A SWAT team of soldiers and scientists in biohazard space suits saved the day…just barely.  The grim operation went on in secret for 18 days and no one in government or the establishment media wants to talk about it now fearing panic.

But amazingly the story is out there in a book published just a few years ago!

Bottom line?  They thought it was the most deadly strain of Ebola Zaire.   But it turned out to be a very slight mutation and they named it Ebola Reston.   Ebola Zaire at the time was killing 90% of those infected in Africa BUT does not go airborne.  Ebola Reston kills monkeys, not humans it was learned, BUT it does go airborne!

QUESTION!  If one mutation of Ebola transmitted through the air like the Flu, doesn’t that suggest humanity itself is greatly endangered if Ebola is not contained in Africa and starts mutating in tens of thousands of humans which has never happened before?  Sooner or later isn’t it possible, likely, a human killer strain will go airborne?   In fact all known stains of Ebola so far, except for Reston, do infect and kill humans!

The clock is ticking!  It appears Ebola is so far still largely confined to a few countries in Africa.  But the best scientists are telling us we have a window now of maybe 60 days  to bring it under control or it will become unstoppable!


20 10 2014

Image: The U.S. spent more on defense in 2012 than the countries with the next 10 highest budgets combined.

The $682 billion spent by the U.S. in 2012 was more than the combined military spending of China, Russia, the UK, Japan, France, Saudi Arabia, India, Germany, Italy and Brazil.  And that does not include CIA, NSA, and black covert Pentagon special ops.

Protecting the Jews and the Zionists among Us – the case of Robert Parry

18 10 2014

Even those Washington journalists who take such pride in being honest and independent and principled, often fail when it comes to Israel, Jews, and Zionism.   However much they claim otherwise, they too all-too-often drink the politically/culturally spiked Washington kool-aide even if unknowingly.

Take Robert Parry for example — exceedingly hard-working and knowledgeable publisher of Consortium News with a serious and impressive background.  He’s just written another hard-hitting article about the Neocons with many important and excellent insights.   But he wrote the whole piece without even mentioning that the Neocons are for the most part Jewish with long-time personal ties to the right-wing political-military establishment in Israel, and that the Neocon ideology itself and what it advocates for America overlaps considerably with Zionist ideology and what is advocated by Israel.

That’s right.  In a major lengthy article about the neocons and their critical role and influence in Washington not even a single mention of Israel, Jews, or Zionism!

How to explain?  I can’t say I know the answer, I’ve only spent one long afternoon with Parry personally at his home in Arlington, and that was some years ago.   But pardon me for thinking that Parry has made these critical omissions not because he isn’t aware but because those he looks to for support and funds don’t want him to be messing too deeply in the Jewish/Israeli waters other than with conventional “liberal” occasional disconnected comments.   But then he probably, no doubt, has some other explanation…or might that be excuse.

The complete Parry Neocon article is featured on top today at and MiddleEast.Org

The big SAUDI Prison

17 10 2014

Beheadings in public?  Don’t just look to ISIS/ISIL.  The Saudis are the champions of this form of execution.   And when it comes to gross human rights and political rights violations…here too the Saudis are the champs.

Most recently, for disobeying the orders of the King and helping bring about demonstrations demanding rights, a prominent Saudi Shia cleric has been sentenced to death by the Royal kangaroo courts.   The Kingdom’s prisons, and graves, are in fact filled with political opponents and there are no Red Cross visits!

“Practicing for Conflict with China”

16 10 2014

“Practicing for Conflict with China”.  The largest U.S. Pacific live-fire war games in memory are underway right now near Guam.  The quote is not mine, but rather that of the BBC correspondent on the US Aircraft Carrier George Washington reporting from the scene.

“No one wants to talk about it openly” says the BBC man and yet he would not be there if the Americans didn’t want him to be headlining his video-report worldwide!   The fleet commander even gave him an exclusive “we are preparing” interview!

It’s a clear challenge/warning to Beijing.  And it comes just weeks in advance of President Obama’s State visit to China where he has not been since 2009.


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