19 12 2014

Nigel Farage

When asked whether the situation with the rouble was a result of his annexation of Crimea, Vladamir Putin responded:

Sometimes I think, maybe they’ll let the bear eat berries and honey in the forest, maybe they will leave it in peace.

They will not. Because they will always try to put him on a chain, and as soon as they succeed in doing so they tear out his fangs and his claws.

Once they’ve taken out his claws and his fangs, then the bear is no longer necessary. He’ll become a stuffed animal.

He is prone to both rhetorical and visual excess (flying around with birds, bare-chested hunting, etc.),….but even so Putin is not just colorful, he has a way of making his point and sometimes doing so in unusual and dramatic fashion.  There’s a reason the Russian people overall are behind him…just as there is a reason the American people are no longer behind the man who has become his nemesis, Barack Hussein Obama.


17 12 2014

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PEACE NOW (the organization in both Israel an the U.S.) has been a deception and a lie for a long time.     More recently, fueled by big money Jewish sponsors of Obama in Chicago — those who quite literally funded him to power — it has become a SCAM.

Last week Jim Klutznick, brother of one of Obama’s top Jewish funders, Betty Lou Saltzman, and now Chairman of Americans for Peace Now,  initiated a major fund-raising campaign claiming  that “The paradigm of a two-state solution is our history, we are making this happen.  Please join us to make that history become reality”.

While making such ludicrous statements Klutznick’s Americans for Peace Now, along with AIPAC (‘The Israel Lobby’) and ZOA (Zionist Organization of America), is part of the Presidents Conference of Major Jewish Organizations, where loyalty to Israel, obeying orders,  and a Jews first approach, are the litmus tests of acceptance.

Bluntly said, Peace Now, along with Klutznick, and quite a cabal of wealthy Jews in Chicago and around the country, are feeding other American Jews and naive church-goers a crock of misleading nonsense, political gobbledigook, and historical double-talk.    They are also going around the country holding expensive fund-raising dinners with fake awards given to other wealthy Jewish personalities such as Mandy Patankin, star of “Homeland”.

Last year Obama took time to attend an exclusive off-the-record get together at Saltzman’s home in Chicago.   And as another pay-off Obama appointed Jewish Chicago billionairess, Penny Pritzker, another major money-giver, to be Secretary of Commerce.

The long-dead and now poisonous “two-state solution” remains their mantra; but after decades of lies and deceptions few Palestinians or Arabs, other than those they themselves pay, are willing to even attend any of their events.

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Bill Clinton’s Bill Cosby Problem

16 12 2014

Clinton Memorial

There are many reasons Hillary is not inevitable.  It’s not just the 2012 election results, and not just the faded legacy of Obama.   In a strange twist of fate, the dredging up of Bill Cosby’s sexual past kind of gives license to do the same with the other even bigger Bill C.

Though Clinton did not use drugs and Monica was consensual, with so many others Clinton used power and cunning and a kind of repetitious confusing rape scenario.  And now even after all these years others may decide to come forward in the wake of the Cosby parade.  Plus reminding about Bill’s sexual misdeeds is already underway (see top article today at WashReport.com)

US-Israel-UN Showdown?

15 12 2014


“In a reality in which Islamic terror is spreading its branches to every corner of the globe, we will rebuff every effort that will bring this terror into our own home, into the State of Israel, and these things I say in the clearest possible way. Even if they are dictated we will stand firm against them.”

      So spoke the Israeli PM today as he headed to Rome to meet the American Sec State ahead of what’s coming this week at the U.N. Security Council.
     One way or another, and despite so many efforts at the U.N. for generations now, the Israelis have managed to be in the drivers seat and to outgun outfox out-threaten everyone, including their patron the Americans.
     One way or another, despite the p.r. twists ahead orchestrated by factions in the U.S. and the Arab world, expect similar results this time


14 12 2014

157372 600 After the torture report cartoons

The man who designed the CIA Torture program, and the man who destroyed the 92 Tapes showing it, the host of  FOX NEWS SUNDAY actually thanked him saying:


!  !  !  !  !

THE NEW REPUBLIC flees Washington…and Israel

12 12 2014


Marty Peretz, at the behest of Golda Meir, bought THE NEW REPUBLIC in 1974 with the primary goal of promoting and protecting Israel.   For decades, at a critical historical time for Israel and the Middle East, Peretz and his magazine did just that in intellectual,  neo-liberal, and media circles in Washington.  I still remember as a young journalist having just come to Washington Peretz calling, literally screaming about something I had written about US-Israel relations and abruptly cancelling an hour before a long-scheduled lunch.  I didn’t realize then that I was dealing with one of the original bigoted racist at times obsessively deranged Jewish Zionist neo-cons.

With his Israel mission accomplished and the brave new world of the internet + cable upon us, Peretz sold THE NEW REPUBLIC a few years ago.  But the magazine has continued to have a hard time escaping its Peretz/Israel past.   A new young internet generation has been trying to remake THE NEW REPUBLIC in today’s Washington…but has failed….partly because of this deep legacy left by Marty after he cashed in…or is it cashed out…and fled to Israel.

So now THE NEW REPUBLIC is picking up its chips, fleeing Washington, heading to New York, trying to recast its spirit as well as its image, cutting its print in half, and more likely than not going to fail/fall.

It’s not just the Peretz/Israel legacy; it’s the brave new world transforming everything away from print and making it increasingly difficult for such a publication to survive without a sugar daddy continually feeding his ego while draining his bank account.

While I’m at it…it should be mentioned that a decade ago a new Peretz-type came to Washington.  This time it was Haim Saban, who in effect bought the Brookings Institution at the behest of Ariel Sharon, to lobby on behalf of the Jewish State.   They’ve finally this year taken Saban’s name off the door at Brookings but the deed is done,  his man Indyk continually watches over everything, and the smell of big-Zionist money and control continues to stink up everything Brookings does, at least in so far as the Middle East and Israel.



11 12 2014

157207 600 Torture Report cartoons

The Senate CIA report that went public this week was but 10% of the full “top secret classified” report.  No doubt the CIA did far worse than we have been told so far.

Even the part of the report made public was “redacted” — censored and hidden — 7% further at the insistence of the CIA and White House.

The CIA has been a rogue secret army, coup-maker, assassination squad, killing machine on the loose for a very long time.   When he found out what the CIA was doing JFK promised to “break the CIA into a thousand pieces”!  And even some of those who have made their careers in the Agency believe a small supersecret elite within theCIA  was probably involved in killing him.

There are whistle-blowers, including highly decorated CIA veterans, who are in prison for leaking or even speaking about the secret torture and killing programs.    But not one CIA official or any of those who gave the orders for secret black-site prisons, sadistic torture, and sexual depravities, has ever been indicted not to mention sent to prison.


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