24 11 2014

It should be no contest really.    Iran has the largest gas reserves in the world, and comes just after Saudi Arabia with oil.   It has a vastly greater population that is much more sophisticated and far more educated, along with a much more diverse and capable society.   It also has considerable geopolitical advantages.

But the Saudi Royals have teamed up with the Israelis, and together they  manipulate the Americans, who in turn manipulate the EU, so that Iran is the odd man out under severe economic sanctions, ongoing coup plots, and everywhere now surrounded by hostile military forces lead by the United States and Israel.

Nevertheless, fearing an Iranian breakthrough that could lead to major political and economic gains, the Saudis, Israelis, Neocons, and much of world Jewry keep pushing for isolating Iran, weakening Iran, “regime changing” Iran.   The battle isn’t really about nuclear weapons…rather that’s the ruse, the excuse.  The battle is over regional power and influence, and that of course includes the vast natural resources of the region and the resultant excesses of petro-dollars.

Add to this how the fractured and dominated Muslim world has allowed the Sunni-Shia divide to be manipulated by the West (Israel included of course) to their own great advantage.   And as a result, even in just recent decades, millions of Muslims and Arabs have been slaughtered, countries destroyed, millions more made homeless refugees, and the entire region now engulfed in flames of hatred and destruction.

It is a complex modern-day Judeo-Christian-led neo-Crusade and that helps explain the rise of radical Islamic forces now throughout the region from North Africa to Pakistan.

Beauty, Tears, and “FREE PALESTINE”

22 11 2014

“And free Palestine, please, please, free Palestine and the Syrian people,”  proclaimed the tearful 25-year-old woman from Tunisia, now world Muslim beauty queen .


Not only does Israel continue to do great harm to itself and the Jewish people, but the image and standing of the United States continues to be harmed in so many ways by Israel and its supporters.

Junta Egypt

19 11 2014

Al Jazeera crew sentenced to prison in Egypt Middle East Monitor

Intifada III Underway

18 11 2014

Thrid Intifada in progress Middle East Monitor

It hasn’t been named yet, but it is Intifada III, the latest Palestinian uprising against not just the Israeli occupation, but the ever- escalating Israeli apartheid.

Actually it’s only Intifada III if dealing just with recent decades.   The Palestinians have really been fighting against what has been done to them by the Israelis, with so much help from the Brits and Americans, for nearly a hundred years now, even before the Balfour Declaration.  They’ve been deceived, tricked, lied to, and “peace process” manipulated, throughout these years.  Their rebellion deserves more than understanding, it deserves support.



14 11 2014

Americans for Peace Now

AMERICANS FOR PEACE NOW (APN) has been a disaster for American Jews, misleading them for so many years and wasting so much time and effort and money doing very little other than what the Zionist handlers of the rich and purposefully naive liberal Jews who finance it want done.

If you are contributing and believing in APN the simple message is STOP NOW!

It’s not an exaggeration to say that APN is in reality a Zionist front-group masquerading as other things to whomever it can seduce.

It should also be noted that APN is a loyal member of the President’s Conference of Major American Jewish Organizations, the enforcer umbrella that keeps Jewish organizations in line or ostracizes them, such as JVP and BDS groups.   APN goes along with the black-balling approach inviting only approved speakers and ostracizing all others whose voices and policies are far more important and far more dangerous to the Jewish establishment and Israel.   Same goes for J-Street, another sham organization created a few years jointly by the Democracy Party and former Mosad operatives at the time of Obama’s victory, that APN is also in bed with.


13 11 2014

Read all about it at today!


ARAFAT ASSASSINATION – MER Articles published then in Nov 2004

12 11 2014
MER ARTICLES about the
Assassination and Cover Up
of Yasser Arafat

MER was first, was right, was most insightful


Five critical days before it was officially announced that Yasser Arafat was actually dead — even as leading media organizations were repeatedly parroting officials to the contrary — MER not only reported the real news that Arafat was all but legally dead but the important news that he had been ‘Stealth Assassinated’ by blood poisoning by the Israelis.

Below are links to MER articles published from 4 to 12 November about the assassination of Yasser Arafat and the cover up that followed. As always exclusive MER analysis and commentary is directly to the point, hard-hitting, and not to be found anywhere else with the incisiveness, expertise, and depth of coverage provided by MER.



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