16 09 2014

The real Obama policy now in Iraq/Syria is to bring down the independent Baath regime in Damascus just as Bush/Cheney brought down the independent Baath regime in Baghdad.

The rhetoric and methodology are different, the end goals the same.  The Democratic Party and American liberals tend to be far more hypocritical and stealthy when it comes to foreign policy, masking their real goals so as not to alienate their so-called base and so they can keep pretending they are true to their own professed values.

Regime change in Damascus is also the major Saudi policy which is why Riyadh in recent years armed and funded the radical groups that have now come together to form the Islamic State.  But the Saudis have now been forced by the U.S. to turn on IS in favor of more kosher US-approved rebel forces.  Indeed it is the Saudis who will in fact be paying for the U.S. training and arming of a new Middle East army — first phase 5000+ professional fighters this year.   And if and when the putsch in Damascus finally succeeds then Lebanon (Hezbollah) and then the Iran regime will be the targets…quite possibly by a more fully neo-Bush regime in the White House.

A few days ago Obama told a group of foreign policy experts he gathered at the White House that he would wipe out Syrian air defenses  if Damascus tried to hit American planes supposedly attacking just IS forces in Syria.  Such a move Obama then clearly said would lead to Assad’s overthrow.

Though supposedly off-the-record Obama knew very well what he said would leak out…thus further preparing the way in fact for what is to come.

After Scottish Independence…Quebec? Puerto Rico? Catalonia? Kurdistan? Texas?

15 09 2014

This week the Scots vote on independence after some 300 years of union with the “United Kingdom”.

YES may prevail.  Or NO might squeak through after considerable maneuvering by London and  Brussels/EU.

Either way the idea of more local and accountable sovereign governance is taking hold in many locations due to the great failures and rampant corruption of centralized government in so many countries.

So what’s next?  Catalonia independence from Spain?   Quebec independence from Canada?  Puerto Rican or Texas independence from the USA?   Eastern Ukraine separating from Kiev?   Iraq divided into three?  Even Tibet from China (however unlikely that seems in today’s world)?   Remember now, the unexpected breakup of the Soviet Union just 23 years ago was a manifestation of this same overall phenomena and our “modern”  world is changing and periodically chaotic in so many ways.

Obama twists and lies about Iraq/Syria/IS

13 09 2014

There are so many twists, distortion, lies, and misrepresentations from the Obama Administration.  They have made it a kind of political art form.   Here’s the latest…and it’s a whopper with tremendous remafications…

A few days ago senior NBC News Correspondent Richard Engel, reporting live from Kurdistan in northern Iraq, clearly and courageously said U.S. troops are on the ground in Iraq and avoiding reporters.

“I know there are already American boots on the ground where I am now…  They are not necessarily firing their rifles or kicking down doors, and we’re not going on embeds with these troops.

“They are troops who are staying away from reporters, they are embedded with local fighters trying to guide in air strikes, gathering intelligence — the kind of thing you would have thought the Green Berets would have done many years ago, and which are now being done by Navy SEALS and Delta Force and other Special Operations Forces.

“Can you conduct a secret war like this, a war by remote control to dislodge ISIS, to dislodge this terrorist group, this militant murderous group from large parts of Iraq and large parts of Syria? We will see. It is an open question.”     (This from CNS news)



WAR! Unending and Perpetual!

12 09 2014

The American President, Sec State, and all the Administration officials on TV and in print insist what is now happening — dramatized Wednesday evening by Obama’s White House Prime Time Address — is not “WAR”.   And yet in recent months it is the Obama Administration that has clearly championed Cold War II on top of a vastly expanding Middle East war pitting US-allies against US-enemies that is now likely to go on for years if not decades…and could even conceivably mushroom into World War III.

Former CIA and NSA Director Michael Hayden even went on BBC America yesterday,  9/11 2014, to say yes of course the President’s speech depicts “WAR” and he should have been candid and honest with the American people about what is happening.

The big guns are out now — Henry Kissinger, John McCain, Dick Cheney and the whole cabal of Neo-con and “liberal interventionist” writers and p.r. agents — not only endorsing what the Obama Administration is doing but fanning the War embers demanding a much greater military assault on America’s enemies in the Middle East as well much greater economic war and military build-up against Russia (and China though less often articulated).

After years of preparing and pushing the Neo-cons have now succeeded in getting Obama to be their front-man for their long-term policies.   If and when they get their own guy again in the White House, ala Bush/Cheney, even greater risks of World War will be pursued.  This is of course why the Russians and Chinese are racing to build up their own military forces, with the Iranians quite understandably doing so in the critical Middle East region knowing  they are the biggest of the Neo-con/Zionist targets.

Obama/Kerry – FOR WAR Community Organizers

11 09 2014


10 09 2014

“A decade of war is now ending…    Enduring security and

lasting peace do not require perpetual war.”

So spoke President Barack Obama to the nation from the steps of the Congress in January 2013 as he was inaugurated for his second term.

But such words will not be what Obama tells the nation from the White House tonight.

Trapped by the Neocons, the military-industrial complex, the Zionist lobby/media, the Evangelicals, and the militarist-hubristic-imperial nation he titularly leads, Obama has now inaugurated Cold War II in Europe as well as a complex multi-dimensional Middle East civil war that is likely to dominate not only the rest of his presidency, but that of his successors as well.

Whatever his original intentions, Obama the Nobel Peace Prize Winner has morphed into Obama the International Manifest Destiny Warrior.

Historic Regional War for future of Middle East Now Looms!

8 09 2014

Critical insights and analysis daily at MiddleEast.Org

Make no mistake about it…Israel is coordinating with the US, UK and France, as well as with regional powers Egypt, Saudi and  Jordan, for a historic regional war to determine nothing less than the future of the Middle East.  Nearly a hundred years after Sykes-Picot and the Paris “Peace to end all Peace”, Israel, through it’s dominating influence in Washington, is really the regional power behind-the-scenes now.

This is the context as well in which Israel is vigorously making plans for “a very violent war” against Hezbollah in Lebanon to be launched at the same time the US and Western powers will be escalating the destruction of the Islamic State and then regime change in Damascus by one means or another.

The wild cards in this historical drama are Iran and Russia.

The U.S. believes Russia is so preoccupied with Ukraine and Europe, and so isolated internationally,  that it will not in the end counter what they have planned for the Middle East.

The U.S. also believes it can keep Iran so weak and isolated that it too will not forcefully intervene for fear that doing so will provide the excuse for the US/Israel/Saudi alliance to expand the regional war to Iran.

This is an exceedingly dangerous moment for the entire world.   Miscalculations, plots, mistakes, fears, all interact and combine to threaten world conflagration.  And even if that is avoided, a new European cold war, millions more deaths in proxy wars, and the gross mis-allocation of resources and energies being foisted on our world.


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