BANDAR of ARABIA – Saudi #1 Neocon – CIA & Mossad Man in Riyadh

25 07 2012

He is the CIA and MOSSAD man in Riyadh.  He is also the man who is really in charge of Saudi Foreign Policy, now with more titles and even more power to affect the course of the region.  His full appointment now as head of Saudi Intelligence, as well as the National Security Council, gives him vast powers which he will be using for a number of key Saudi purposes.  In effect Bandar is King of Arabia, and his aspires to have that full title too in the years ahead.

Bandar’s Mission and the reasons he now has such unprecedented powers:

1)  Create a new Regime in Damascus in coordination with the US and Israel.

2)  Escalate efforts to further weaken IRAN and sooner or later attempt to change the Regime in Tehran

3)  Most of all to coordinate even more closely with the CIA and Mossad to keep the Saudi Regime in power as well as key allies especially in Qatar, Bahrain, and UAE.