15 08 2013

Supporters of Egypt's ousted President Mursi hold his pictures during demonstration outside Egyptian embassy in Kuala Lumpur

The Egyptian Army has done precisely what the Americans have paid, trained, and armed it to do for a generation — prevent the Muslim Brotherhood from establishing itself in power and from changing Egyptian international policies to accord with Egyptian and Muslim sentiments and interests rather than catering to those of the US and Israel.

American infiltration and prostitution of Egypt went on for decades; and then after so many provocations finally came to the now-upended revolution of 2011.  Throughout those years it was called “The Mubarak Regime”.  But all along it was a Military-Police State, after all Mubarak was himself a General redressed in a suit!

Now a Counter-Revolution and a worse-than-Mubarak Marial Law Police State is taking hold.  And all the crocodile words from American officials have little credibility even if they have so far deflected attention away from killing Americans and burning down American institutions.  That however could now be coming…which is precisely why all the TV theatrics trying to portray the U.S. as opposing the very things they provide the arms, money, training, and “intelligence” to make possible.

Egypt’s Tianamen will not be forgotten – this is a dark time which will now live on in many and varied ways in history.   In the future there will more payback to the US and Israel by Egyptians and throughout the Middle East… whatever now transpires in the immediate days and weeks ahead.

Just days ago, while in Pakistan, another major country prostrated by American duplicity, Sec State Kerry said in public the Egyptian military had NOT made a coup but “was actually RESTORING democracy.”   How could the Generals, trained at the U.S. Army War College, not interpret that as a green light whatever other words were uttered?   Part of the training is that realpolitic and using power to instill fear and compliance are what really matter — that what is done is what really matters, the rest in front of the cameras is political manipulation and theatrical deception.

And by the way, not once since the coup did the American Commander-in-Chief pick up the phone and tell the Egyptian Commander-in-Chief “No you must not”.   His words today are typical Obama rhetorical foreign policy deception.

OK, what now?    The governments can’t be trusted that’s for sure!   The Americans deserve to be damned right along with their Egyptian Generals and “interim” officials.

So those of us with dignity and independence and principles should stop listening to  the officials and their propaganda agents, many masquerading as think-tank officials and journalists.

A boycott of Marshall Law Egypt is surely in order.  That means shunning the Generals and “interim” officials as illigitimate, joining with the protestors demanding the release of the elected officials from prison, and having no business or social dealings with Egyptian representatives.

In my own life I’m reminded of my last contact years ago now with Egypt’s “interim Foreign Minister” back when he was Egyptian Ambassador in Washington.   I had been an insider with the Egyptian government many years ago and in fact played a special part in history when I had a long private meeting with Egyptian President Sadat leading to his historic visit to Israel.

But as the Mubarak police state took hold I distanced myself from the Egyptian officials, stopped going to the Embassy, stopped talking with the Ambassador, Nabil Fahmy, who after an initial meeting I sized up as a political con man who couldn’t be trusted or believed.

One day at a conference at Georgetown University Nabil walked in and sat down next to me.  We made eye contact but I did not extend my hand nor converse with him in any way during the half hour or so he was there.  When he got up to leave we had not whispered anything to each other as would have been normal, rather we just looked at each other again and I made sure not to smile, say anything, or extend my hand.   This was my way at that spontaneous moment of not just distancing myself from the Egyptian police state but of boycotting it…years before the revolution.

Let all of us now take such symbolic steps.  Boycott Egypt!  Condemn US complicity despite all the deceptive rhetoric!  Join the call for releasing the elected political leaders and until that is done consider all consider all Marshall Law initiatives including calls for new elections to be illigimate and unsupportable.

Beyond that it’s time to call for an end to military rule in Egypt and immediately stop all assistance to the Egyptian military.   The fact that the US government is not going to do that, the fact that the Israeli/Jewish Lobby is working to prevent that, the fact that our desired policies are not now going to prevail, should not prevent us from articulating and standing up for what is right and honorable…despite everything.