The US and ISRAEL – Alone in the World

31 10 2013

Yesterday in a vote of 188 to 2 the UN General Assembly condemned the US economic embargo of Cuba – only Israel voted with the U.S.

Ronald Garner, US Delegate,  spoke to explain why Cuba’s record on Human Rights justifies the Embargo:

“The international community cannot in good conscience ignore the ease and frequency with which the Cuban regime silences critics, disrupts peaceful assembly, impedes independent journalism, and despite positive reforms, continues to prevent some Cubans from leaving and returning to the island.  The Cuban government continues its tactics of politically motivated detentions, harassment, and police violence against Cuban citizens.”

Amazing, astounding, hypocrisy from the Americans!   The Israelis do far far worse to the Palestinians yet the Americans keep pumping up their own worse-than-apartheid reppressor-in-chief  with more weapons, more money, and more face-time between Israeli and American leaders than for any other nation on the planet.


ISRAEL, the JEWS, and the NEOCONS, demand WAR!

30 10 2013


Netanyahu came to Washington a few weeks ago demanding 3 hours in the Oval Office and then another extra hour with VP Biden.  A few days ago he made a visit to Rome where he demanded 7 hours with Sec State Kerry!    What in the world are these guys talking about and plotting in these quite unusual, maybe unprecedented meetings?   Seems like WAR COUNCILS to me!

Meanwhile, the Israeli/Jewish Lobby is pushing for even more crippling sanctions on Iran — the war is actually already underway just not yet with guns blazing.   Billionaire Jewish mogul Sheldon Adelson is publicly calling for the US to nuke Iran!   And neocon-in-chief former VP Cheney is quite publicly urging the Israelis to bomb Iran whether or not Obama gives an OK.

Under these circumstances Iran is actually quite justified racing ahead with whatever weapons of deterrence they can develop quite understandably fearing they are not only going to be attacked but another historical attempt at “regime change” is going to be made.   This is especially the case after the Saudi-financed counter-revolution in Egypt and the massive efforts by the Saudis, as well as US and Israel, to bring down the Syrian and Lebanese regimes.  The Saudis have in fact for some time now been urging the U.S. to “cut off the head of the snake”…i.e., Iran.

Meanwhile as well Jewish leaders aligned with Israel demanded a White House meeting this week to insist, in coordination with Netanyahu, that there be no partial agreement, no compromise with Iran.  Either the Iranians do what is demanded of them, thus weakening themselves in advance of still likely war, or face attack sooner rather than later.  

These are the same countries and political forces that have in recent years destroyed Iraq and Afghanistan, millions dead and injured; unleashed drones on Pakistan,  Yemen, and beyond; and fueled the Syrian debacle. 

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SAUDIS: Confused, Frightened, Jilted

29 10 2013

Saudi Arabia National Flag

A recent feature article that relies heavily on the main Israeli/Jewish Lobby think-tank in town portrays Saudi criticism of Obama Administration policies as understandable and legitimate. 

“Saudi intelligence chief, Prince Bandar bin Sultan al-Saud, told an unidentified Western diplomat that the decision (to reject the Security Council) ‘was a message for the U.S., not the U.N.,’ and that he’d also be scaling back cooperation with the CIA in the training of moderate Syrian rebels in Jordan.”  (The complete McClatchyDC article is today at

Actually Obama is rightly trying to recast U.S. Middle East policies away from the dominant Israeli and Saudi lobbies in Washington.  But will he succeed?  Probably not!    Bandar of Arabia, and Netanyahu, of Israel, are formidable schemers far more ruthless and experienced than Obama, Rice, and Kerry

The Saudis, use to total access to the White House and getting their way, are nervous, confused, frightened.   With a possible new U.S.-Iran relationship looming they are like an older wife threatened and jealous, especially as the newcomer is far more intelligent, cultured/educated, and potentially more powerful.

Instead of pursuing regional relationships themselves the Saudis have been trying desperately to undermine rival Iran, foment regional tensions, and allow the Shia-Sunni divide to become inflamed.  Hence their fomenting of the Syrian war, backing of the Egyptian junta, flirting with the Israelis, and constant pushing for the U.S. to cripple, not enable, Iran.

And so together with the Israelis with whom they are now in a de facto alliance to maintain regional and Washington control, the two long-time American allies are making concerted efforts to block Obama’s realignment, to weaken him further, and to corner him again with some event to come…real or manufactured.

The Saudis know the Israelis have successfully blocked American Presidents before.  If they can’t shift Obama to do as they want they will instead try to wait him out while working behind the scenes to get a new White House occupant.   Israeli control of the Congress and much of the corporate media is one of the main reasons the Saudis have more closely than ever joined forces with the Zionists, at considerable risk to their own legitimacy.

Are the Saudi Royals being ungrateful for all the decades of the Americans keeping them in power, their oil flowing freely, their vast petrodollars  making it possible for them to act so haughty and arrogant?

Sure they are!  But greed and pomposity are addictive — and the Saudi Royals have an incurable addiction.

Are the Saudis making a major, maybe fatal, error betting on their Israeli/US alliance rather than seeking regional accommodations much more in tune with the interests and aspirations of the people of the Middle East?   Maybe.

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The SAUDIs in WASHINGTON – a brief candid history

26 10 2013

The last speaker told the story.  Not what he said, but rather the story of how and why he was there illustrating the extreme expense the Saudis go to promote themselves…yet with so little impact.

Earlier this week it was the 30th anniversary of a group the Saudis have funded, mostly through their many corporate sponsors and personal money men, ever since the early 1980s.

It was then that Prince Bandar (yes the same one in the news of late for threatening to go rogue from the Americans)  was Ambassador and then that he established a whole bunch of little p.r. outfits he could own and keep on a short Saudi leash forever.   That part was in fact a success!

These included then and now the Council for the National Internet (CNI), Middle East Policy Council (MEPC), Washington Report on Middle East Affairs (WRMEA), and the one holding this conference at the Ronald Reagan International Trade Center, the National Council on US Arab Relations (NCUSAR).

Ever since these small “kept women-type”, interlocking, and oh so incestuous organizations have served the Saudi purpose of self-glorification and minor league, fully under control, public relations.

Even collectively they have however nearly no political influence in Washington.  Not even one single Congressman or political personality showed their face during the two-day conference.  One wheel-chair bound former Congressman from decades past — whom they bought long ago and also turned into their “columnist” — was flown in to get an award.

These Saudi-created-sponsored groups primarily serve to give awards and rewards to each other and to handle as contractors such things as Arab League Model UNs, organizing a few trips to The Kingdom, and sending second-rate and on-the-take speakers to usually minor universities.

Much more could and should be said, especially about the ways, motives and failings of the Saudis in Washington, but at the moment just this quick story about the last speaker at the NCUSAR conference this week — a “columnist” for one of the Saudi newspapers.

The Saudis went to all the trouble and expense to fly their “columnist” (a retired Commodore by the way) from Riyadh to the conference.  Once there, waiting much of the day in total obscurity, he spoke for some seven minutes, lavished praise on the hosts and the Saudi Royals, and took a few carefully screened questions from an audience of about 50.


(photo) “Columnist” Commodore (Ret.) Abdulateef Al-Mulhim (center) with a member of the Saudi Royal family sitting in front of him in traditional dress.

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24 10 2013


The Saudi screech to refuse to serve on the U.N. Security Council dramatizes a combination of Saudi haughtiness, arrogance, narcissism, and stupidity.  And the way it was done!  Campaigning for the job for years,  celebrating just hours before refusing, and then telling the press without even notifying the U.N. Secretary-General or their American protector!

Some years back in the late 1970s the Saudi presence in Washington was dignified and discreet.   The Embassy was in a reasonable building in the Embassy area around Dupont Circle, Ambassador Alhegelan was the symbol of decorum and dignity, and the super money generation hadn’t yet taken charge.

Then came the flamboyant and should we say “colorful” Prince Bandar bin Sultan and everything was soon to change.   The Prince immediately built a super huge palatial home/castle along the Potomac, the Saudi reps coming to Washington started flaunting their money and prostitutes (both political as well as sexual), an era of  wheeling/dealing took off, an ostentatious Embassy next to the Kennedy Center was built.

It was also back in those days that the Saudis and the Arab League took over the Washington Mosque making sure they controlled all the sermons and goings on — they even called in dozens of Washington police to evict the imam and his family who refused the submit to their demands.  It was also back then, Bandar in the lead then as now, when they first started cavorting with the  Israel/Jewish Lobby in Washington, in fact inviting Martin Indyk and others to start making visits to “the Kingdom”.

It’s the same Bandar now in charge of making war on Syria who is throwing tantrums and hurling threats because the Americans are not only not bombing Damascus but are flirting with the Iranians!

The Saudi demands are: Make War (Syria), “Cut of the head of the snake” (Iran), Support the Generals (Egypt), do what we tell you and pay you to do!

No doubt Bandar is pissed as well that he doesn’t have free access to the White House  and isn’t pictured sitting on a high chair looking down at  President Obama (as he did with Bush).

More to come about Bandar and the Saudis.  And about the Saudi p.r. world in Washington.

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23 10 2013

Middle East

Last night I was at a Saudi Embassy reception.  When I got home the news was breaking of the Saudis declaring they are going to diminish and limit their relationship with the USA.  The former long-time Saudi Ambassador in Washington, Prince Bandar bin Sultan, is behind the realignment.    His successor, Prince Turki, spoke in Washington yesterday in the most aggressive way for a Saudi diplomat in memory.

What a historic opportunity for America!  The time to “normalize” relations with Saudi Arabia and Israel is at hand and at the same time.  The time to end the special relationship, the captive relationship, with both Saudi Arabia and Israel has come.   Washington has a rare chance now to get out of connections that have for some time dragged it down, sullied its reputation, drained its energies, and aligned it with repression and neo-apartheid.

As in the changing of any relationship there will be tensions and difficulties.  But in the end not only will this be best for the U.S. it will also be best for the entire Middle East.

It’s time the countries there end their reliance on and domination by the U.S. and make their own accommodations with their neighbors.   And this includes ending the proxy war in Syria and putting new emphasis on a new and cordial relationship with Iran which should be reintegrated into the region rather than ostracized.   It should also mean a lessening of American military and CIA involvement in the region and a drawn down of American military bases from Kuwait to Bahrain to Qatar and UAE.

This will be politically difficult, and quite likely beyond Obama’s abilities.  The big problem will not be the Saudis whose influence and lobbying capabilities in Washington are amazingly weak once the top players are at odds.  It is the Israeli/Jewish Lobby that has great power in the U.S., and that also explains the growing de facto Israeli-Saudi alliance though the Saudis are with Israel making another historic mistake thinking they can align themselves with the Zionists and the Neocons to survive.

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BEWARE J Street, Peace Now, and the Two-State Solution!

21 10 2013

 J Street Logo   

A major push is now underway by the Israelis to use the Obama Administration to bring about a false and fatally flawed “Palestinian State”, one in the critical interests of Jews in Israel and the U.S. in fact, but one likely to be lethal, a poison pill, for the Palestinian people.   What started long ago as a possible “two-state solution” has become a historical con job, the “two-state deception”.   It is in fact an intricate and oh-so-crafty Zionist plot to coerce a group of quisling Palestinians already in the pay of, and under the control and protection of, the Israelis and Americans to give up forever key Palestinian rights, not to mention lands, enshrined in numerous U.N. resolutions and international law.   If the full plot is successful Israel will further get the Arab League, now dominated by the Saudis who are already in a de facto alliance with the Jewish State to control the region, to “recognize” Israel and “end the conflict”.  

The issues, organizations, and political intrigue involved are so convoluted and intertwined — as well as of such deadly and historical important — that I will be intensely focusing on them in the weeks and months ahead.   Today and in the days ahead some flashbacks to what I’ve written about these matters in the past.

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AMERICAN JEWS BEWARE of “Peace Now” and “J Street”

9 06 2012American Jews Beware!  DO NOT SUPPORT either of this masquerading and Israeli-controlled organizations.  Both are extra busy heavily fund-raising and propagandizing at this time with slick but oh so disingenuous appeals.

Bottom line:  The main mission of these organizations is to co-opt “liberal” American Jews and channel their monies and effort away from serious opposition to Israeli policies and actually to enhance Israeli policies!   Hard as it may be for many to understand without far more elaboration, both “Peace Now” and “J Street” these days are working for similar policies to those promoted by former Israeli Prime Ministers Ariel Sharon and Ehud Olmert!  It’s easy of course for them to position themselves as opposed to Netanyahu and the far-right wing.

Bottom line:  Do not support or trust these organizations and those associated with them.  They are false flags, duplicitous, and in the end they are controlled and manipulated by main-stream Zionist persons and groups in Israel, even if they try hard to look the other way and pretend otherwise.




24 04 2013:    Here’s a quick summary after many years knowing about Peace Now and many hours of recent discussions with the Chairman of Americans For Peace Now (APN), Jim Klutznick.  Obviously if you read on I refused seduction!

Bottom line…if you are supporting Peace Now STOP NOW  Stop Giving Money!  Stop being seduced by their slick p.r.!  Stop believing them!  Move Away and Move On!

Peace Now is a front-organization for centrist and liberal Zionist groups in Israel.  In turn Americans For Peace Now is their U.S. arm designed to manipulate American Jews into supporting Israel and more critically to prevent American Jews from standing up to Israel and be true to their own principles and values.

APN is in fact run by Israelis using wealthy, hypocritical, and extremely self-serving American Jews to front for them.   Jim Klutznick’s handler is a long-time Zionist academic operative, Mark Rosenblum, who himself is controlled through his affiliation with the Presidents Conference of Major American Jewish Organizations.   Klutznick does nothing that Rosenblum doesn’t approve and Rosenblum does nothing the Presidents Conference (which means the Israelis) doesn’t OK.

Furthermore, APN has been tasked to work with a well-funded group of on-the-take U.S. Palestinians who themselves are in bed with the State Department and CIA. Known as The American Task Force for Palestine this group is despised by self-respecting Palestinians who know it is a despicably quisling and corrupt cabal who should be shunned.  ATFP fronts for the “Palestinian Authority” which is empowered by the Israelis while being armed and financed by the Americans, Europeans, and Arab “client regimes”.   The PA leaders in fact cannot travel and communicate without the consent of the Israelis, despite ongoing attempts to appear otherwise.   APN has teamed up with ATFP in an attempt to give it legitimacy it would not otherwise have.

Furthermore still, in recent years APN has teamed up with J-Street — they are interlocked but with separate identities so they can do double fund-raising and multiple layers of propaganda work.  Their primary goal since 2009 has been to be cheerleaders for Obama and the Democratic Party and to push for a false “Palestinian State” that would serve critical Zionist interests while permanently dividing, crippling and disenfranchising the Palestinians.   While Klutznick is now the overall APN Chairman the Executive Director is a former Chairwoman of the Democratic Party and the Chief Spokesman an Israeli operative.

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