11 10 2013

So much of what is termed “anti-semitism” portrays Jews as clever businessmen and crafty bankers.  That was the prevalent vision prior to Israel when much shifted to portrayal of bloody-thirsty Israeli soldiers tormenting dispossessed Palestinians.

But such negative stereotypes aside…it does have to be asked how come what is the most powerful financial/banking position in the world, that of Chairman of the Federal Reserve, so often seems to go to someone who is Jewish.

For the past quarter century in fact every person who has held that key position in government and finance has been Jewish and Israeli-supporting — Alan Greenspan, Ben Bernanke, and now Janet Yellen.

With Jews making up just 2% of the American population it is quite extraordinary that Presidents seem to appoint, and Congress seems to approve, only Jewish persons for this key position.   After all, everyone in Washington knows that one of the most powerful groups in Washington, and one known to have quite a lock hold on the Congress, is the Israeli/Jewish Lobby.  Less often discussed is how major contributors to both of the political parties, and the Presidential campaigns, are known to be extremely wealthy American Jews nearly all of whom have very close connections to Israel.

These are the facts.  They are far too often undiscussed as people who bring up these facts and ask questions are themselves said to be “anti-semites”.  But why don’t we just keep to the facts and why don’t we just simply ask why and see where that leads to.