OBAMA on a Roll?

18 10 2013

It could be much worse!   Just a few weeks ago he had allowed himself to be so boxed in and on the edge.  He was, so he said, about to bomb Syria, yet he was facing an unprecedented public backlash and a Congress about to vote NO…a kind of no confidence move that would bring down the leader in a Parliamentary system.   And then, stranger than fiction, he was saved by the British Parliament’s NYET and then at the last minute Putin’s deft intervention.

And so, for the moment at least, Obama has managed to dance around Israeli and Saudi efforts to get him to initiate a Syria hot war — even as the already warm/covert war the US and its allies have instigated and fueled in many years rages on.

Obama has also managed to outmaneuver the Republicans trying to emasculate his Presidency, on top of his “Obamacare”, positioning his party for a possible, however still unlikely, take back of the House in the upcoming mid-term.

And Obama has also, so far at least, managed to outmaneuver Israel and the Saudis with regard to Iran — the real target they are after in Syria.

But in all of these matters, and so many others, Obama’s position is fragile and weak, his track-record  questionable and lackluster, his ability to hold on and consolidate his gains very much in doubt.

Meanwhile Iraq is exploding/fracturing, Mullah Omar and Taliban lie in wait to take back power in Afghanistan, the roll-out of Obamacare has been disastrous, and Obama’s strength and credibility suffering.

As he faces a failed Presidency, the pressures orchestrated by the Israelis, Saudis, and neocons, to further intervene abroad will keep growing.  And the political calculations will keep shifting.  And if there should be some explosive event — real or orchestrated or false-flag — things could take another major turn back in the direction where we were just a few long weeks ago!