Arafat refused to betray Palestine so they killed him

19 10 2013

Yasser Arafat Caricature

There was a great cover-up of the assassination of Yasser Arafat in 2004.    To facilitate the coverup his titular “wife” was both threatened and bribed.  Even today Mahmoud Abbas, titular “President” of the “Palestinian Authority” and very much complicitous in the cover-up, continues to pay Suha Arafat more than a million yearly and has himself, along with other cronies including Nabil Shaath, pocketed hundreds of millions.

Now it is Abbas who is being pushed and pushed more and more, squeeze and squeezed tighter and tighter, to sign away Palestinian rights and accept Israeli terms for surrender, however masked, and however fronted for by the Americans.

It was Abbas who pressured Arafat back in 1993 to agree to the “Oslo Accords” and he himself, Abbas, signed the document that fateful day on the White House lawn.

But then for the next decade, as Arafat gradually realized he had been tricked and deceived,  he desperately tried to hold on to Palestinian rights refusing time after time to go down in history as the leader who capitulated and sold out Palestine.

Suha, along with mother, now live in exile in European luxury, unable to return to Palestine where they are despised.  But in maybe a moment of guilt she summed up what Arafat told her in the end in this way:

Arafat:  “They want me to betray the Palestinian cause. They want me to give up on our principles, and I will not do so. I do not want Zahwa’s [Arafat’s daughter’s] friends in the future to say that Yasser Arafat abandoned the Palestinian cause and principles. I might be martyred [Killed], but I shall bequeath our historical heritage to Zahwa and to the children of Palestine.”

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