BEWARE J Street, Peace Now, and the Two-State Solution!

21 10 2013

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A major push is now underway by the Israelis to use the Obama Administration to bring about a false and fatally flawed “Palestinian State”, one in the critical interests of Jews in Israel and the U.S. in fact, but one likely to be lethal, a poison pill, for the Palestinian people.   What started long ago as a possible “two-state solution” has become a historical con job, the “two-state deception”.   It is in fact an intricate and oh-so-crafty Zionist plot to coerce a group of quisling Palestinians already in the pay of, and under the control and protection of, the Israelis and Americans to give up forever key Palestinian rights, not to mention lands, enshrined in numerous U.N. resolutions and international law.   If the full plot is successful Israel will further get the Arab League, now dominated by the Saudis who are already in a de facto alliance with the Jewish State to control the region, to “recognize” Israel and “end the conflict”.  

The issues, organizations, and political intrigue involved are so convoluted and intertwined — as well as of such deadly and historical important — that I will be intensely focusing on them in the weeks and months ahead.   Today and in the days ahead some flashbacks to what I’ve written about these matters in the past.

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AMERICAN JEWS BEWARE of “Peace Now” and “J Street”

9 06 2012American Jews Beware!  DO NOT SUPPORT either of this masquerading and Israeli-controlled organizations.  Both are extra busy heavily fund-raising and propagandizing at this time with slick but oh so disingenuous appeals.

Bottom line:  The main mission of these organizations is to co-opt “liberal” American Jews and channel their monies and effort away from serious opposition to Israeli policies and actually to enhance Israeli policies!   Hard as it may be for many to understand without far more elaboration, both “Peace Now” and “J Street” these days are working for similar policies to those promoted by former Israeli Prime Ministers Ariel Sharon and Ehud Olmert!  It’s easy of course for them to position themselves as opposed to Netanyahu and the far-right wing.

Bottom line:  Do not support or trust these organizations and those associated with them.  They are false flags, duplicitous, and in the end they are controlled and manipulated by main-stream Zionist persons and groups in Israel, even if they try hard to look the other way and pretend otherwise.




24 04 2013:    Here’s a quick summary after many years knowing about Peace Now and many hours of recent discussions with the Chairman of Americans For Peace Now (APN), Jim Klutznick.  Obviously if you read on I refused seduction!

Bottom line…if you are supporting Peace Now STOP NOW  Stop Giving Money!  Stop being seduced by their slick p.r.!  Stop believing them!  Move Away and Move On!

Peace Now is a front-organization for centrist and liberal Zionist groups in Israel.  In turn Americans For Peace Now is their U.S. arm designed to manipulate American Jews into supporting Israel and more critically to prevent American Jews from standing up to Israel and be true to their own principles and values.

APN is in fact run by Israelis using wealthy, hypocritical, and extremely self-serving American Jews to front for them.   Jim Klutznick’s handler is a long-time Zionist academic operative, Mark Rosenblum, who himself is controlled through his affiliation with the Presidents Conference of Major American Jewish Organizations.   Klutznick does nothing that Rosenblum doesn’t approve and Rosenblum does nothing the Presidents Conference (which means the Israelis) doesn’t OK.

Furthermore, APN has been tasked to work with a well-funded group of on-the-take U.S. Palestinians who themselves are in bed with the State Department and CIA. Known as The American Task Force for Palestine this group is despised by self-respecting Palestinians who know it is a despicably quisling and corrupt cabal who should be shunned.  ATFP fronts for the “Palestinian Authority” which is empowered by the Israelis while being armed and financed by the Americans, Europeans, and Arab “client regimes”.   The PA leaders in fact cannot travel and communicate without the consent of the Israelis, despite ongoing attempts to appear otherwise.   APN has teamed up with ATFP in an attempt to give it legitimacy it would not otherwise have.

Furthermore still, in recent years APN has teamed up with J-Street — they are interlocked but with separate identities so they can do double fund-raising and multiple layers of propaganda work.  Their primary goal since 2009 has been to be cheerleaders for Obama and the Democratic Party and to push for a false “Palestinian State” that would serve critical Zionist interests while permanently dividing, crippling and disenfranchising the Palestinians.   While Klutznick is now the overall APN Chairman the Executive Director is a former Chairwoman of the Democratic Party and the Chief Spokesman an Israeli operative.

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