23 10 2013

Middle East

Last night I was at a Saudi Embassy reception.  When I got home the news was breaking of the Saudis declaring they are going to diminish and limit their relationship with the USA.  The former long-time Saudi Ambassador in Washington, Prince Bandar bin Sultan, is behind the realignment.    His successor, Prince Turki, spoke in Washington yesterday in the most aggressive way for a Saudi diplomat in memory.

What a historic opportunity for America!  The time to “normalize” relations with Saudi Arabia and Israel is at hand and at the same time.  The time to end the special relationship, the captive relationship, with both Saudi Arabia and Israel has come.   Washington has a rare chance now to get out of connections that have for some time dragged it down, sullied its reputation, drained its energies, and aligned it with repression and neo-apartheid.

As in the changing of any relationship there will be tensions and difficulties.  But in the end not only will this be best for the U.S. it will also be best for the entire Middle East.

It’s time the countries there end their reliance on and domination by the U.S. and make their own accommodations with their neighbors.   And this includes ending the proxy war in Syria and putting new emphasis on a new and cordial relationship with Iran which should be reintegrated into the region rather than ostracized.   It should also mean a lessening of American military and CIA involvement in the region and a drawn down of American military bases from Kuwait to Bahrain to Qatar and UAE.

This will be politically difficult, and quite likely beyond Obama’s abilities.  The big problem will not be the Saudis whose influence and lobbying capabilities in Washington are amazingly weak once the top players are at odds.  It is the Israeli/Jewish Lobby that has great power in the U.S., and that also explains the growing de facto Israeli-Saudi alliance though the Saudis are with Israel making another historic mistake thinking they can align themselves with the Zionists and the Neocons to survive.

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