24 10 2013


The Saudi screech to refuse to serve on the U.N. Security Council dramatizes a combination of Saudi haughtiness, arrogance, narcissism, and stupidity.  And the way it was done!  Campaigning for the job for years,  celebrating just hours before refusing, and then telling the press without even notifying the U.N. Secretary-General or their American protector!

Some years back in the late 1970s the Saudi presence in Washington was dignified and discreet.   The Embassy was in a reasonable building in the Embassy area around Dupont Circle, Ambassador Alhegelan was the symbol of decorum and dignity, and the super money generation hadn’t yet taken charge.

Then came the flamboyant and should we say “colorful” Prince Bandar bin Sultan and everything was soon to change.   The Prince immediately built a super huge palatial home/castle along the Potomac, the Saudi reps coming to Washington started flaunting their money and prostitutes (both political as well as sexual), an era of  wheeling/dealing took off, an ostentatious Embassy next to the Kennedy Center was built.

It was also back in those days that the Saudis and the Arab League took over the Washington Mosque making sure they controlled all the sermons and goings on — they even called in dozens of Washington police to evict the imam and his family who refused the submit to their demands.  It was also back then, Bandar in the lead then as now, when they first started cavorting with the  Israel/Jewish Lobby in Washington, in fact inviting Martin Indyk and others to start making visits to “the Kingdom”.

It’s the same Bandar now in charge of making war on Syria who is throwing tantrums and hurling threats because the Americans are not only not bombing Damascus but are flirting with the Iranians!

The Saudi demands are: Make War (Syria), “Cut of the head of the snake” (Iran), Support the Generals (Egypt), do what we tell you and pay you to do!

No doubt Bandar is pissed as well that he doesn’t have free access to the White House  and isn’t pictured sitting on a high chair looking down at  President Obama (as he did with Bush).

More to come about Bandar and the Saudis.  And about the Saudi p.r. world in Washington.

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