SAUDIS: Confused, Frightened, Jilted

29 10 2013

Saudi Arabia National Flag

A recent feature article that relies heavily on the main Israeli/Jewish Lobby think-tank in town portrays Saudi criticism of Obama Administration policies as understandable and legitimate. 

“Saudi intelligence chief, Prince Bandar bin Sultan al-Saud, told an unidentified Western diplomat that the decision (to reject the Security Council) ‘was a message for the U.S., not the U.N.,’ and that he’d also be scaling back cooperation with the CIA in the training of moderate Syrian rebels in Jordan.”  (The complete McClatchyDC article is today at

Actually Obama is rightly trying to recast U.S. Middle East policies away from the dominant Israeli and Saudi lobbies in Washington.  But will he succeed?  Probably not!    Bandar of Arabia, and Netanyahu, of Israel, are formidable schemers far more ruthless and experienced than Obama, Rice, and Kerry

The Saudis, use to total access to the White House and getting their way, are nervous, confused, frightened.   With a possible new U.S.-Iran relationship looming they are like an older wife threatened and jealous, especially as the newcomer is far more intelligent, cultured/educated, and potentially more powerful.

Instead of pursuing regional relationships themselves the Saudis have been trying desperately to undermine rival Iran, foment regional tensions, and allow the Shia-Sunni divide to become inflamed.  Hence their fomenting of the Syrian war, backing of the Egyptian junta, flirting with the Israelis, and constant pushing for the U.S. to cripple, not enable, Iran.

And so together with the Israelis with whom they are now in a de facto alliance to maintain regional and Washington control, the two long-time American allies are making concerted efforts to block Obama’s realignment, to weaken him further, and to corner him again with some event to come…real or manufactured.

The Saudis know the Israelis have successfully blocked American Presidents before.  If they can’t shift Obama to do as they want they will instead try to wait him out while working behind the scenes to get a new White House occupant.   Israeli control of the Congress and much of the corporate media is one of the main reasons the Saudis have more closely than ever joined forces with the Zionists, at considerable risk to their own legitimacy.

Are the Saudi Royals being ungrateful for all the decades of the Americans keeping them in power, their oil flowing freely, their vast petrodollars  making it possible for them to act so haughty and arrogant?

Sure they are!  But greed and pomposity are addictive — and the Saudi Royals have an incurable addiction.

Are the Saudis making a major, maybe fatal, error betting on their Israeli/US alliance rather than seeking regional accommodations much more in tune with the interests and aspirations of the people of the Middle East?   Maybe.

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