ISRAEL, the JEWS, and the NEOCONS, demand WAR!

30 10 2013


Netanyahu came to Washington a few weeks ago demanding 3 hours in the Oval Office and then another extra hour with VP Biden.  A few days ago he made a visit to Rome where he demanded 7 hours with Sec State Kerry!    What in the world are these guys talking about and plotting in these quite unusual, maybe unprecedented meetings?   Seems like WAR COUNCILS to me!

Meanwhile, the Israeli/Jewish Lobby is pushing for even more crippling sanctions on Iran — the war is actually already underway just not yet with guns blazing.   Billionaire Jewish mogul Sheldon Adelson is publicly calling for the US to nuke Iran!   And neocon-in-chief former VP Cheney is quite publicly urging the Israelis to bomb Iran whether or not Obama gives an OK.

Under these circumstances Iran is actually quite justified racing ahead with whatever weapons of deterrence they can develop quite understandably fearing they are not only going to be attacked but another historical attempt at “regime change” is going to be made.   This is especially the case after the Saudi-financed counter-revolution in Egypt and the massive efforts by the Saudis, as well as US and Israel, to bring down the Syrian and Lebanese regimes.  The Saudis have in fact for some time now been urging the U.S. to “cut off the head of the snake”…i.e., Iran.

Meanwhile as well Jewish leaders aligned with Israel demanded a White House meeting this week to insist, in coordination with Netanyahu, that there be no partial agreement, no compromise with Iran.  Either the Iranians do what is demanded of them, thus weakening themselves in advance of still likely war, or face attack sooner rather than later.  

These are the same countries and political forces that have in recent years destroyed Iraq and Afghanistan, millions dead and injured; unleashed drones on Pakistan,  Yemen, and beyond; and fueled the Syrian debacle. 

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