The US and ISRAEL – Alone in the World

31 10 2013

Yesterday in a vote of 188 to 2 the UN General Assembly condemned the US economic embargo of Cuba – only Israel voted with the U.S.

Ronald Garner, US Delegate,  spoke to explain why Cuba’s record on Human Rights justifies the Embargo:

“The international community cannot in good conscience ignore the ease and frequency with which the Cuban regime silences critics, disrupts peaceful assembly, impedes independent journalism, and despite positive reforms, continues to prevent some Cubans from leaving and returning to the island.  The Cuban government continues its tactics of politically motivated detentions, harassment, and police violence against Cuban citizens.”

Amazing, astounding, hypocrisy from the Americans!   The Israelis do far far worse to the Palestinians yet the Americans keep pumping up their own worse-than-apartheid reppressor-in-chief  with more weapons, more money, and more face-time between Israeli and American leaders than for any other nation on the planet.