APPLAUSE for OBAMA…for a change

8 11 2013

syria-iran-map.jpg     It may prove temporary, it may be another feint on the way to more war down the road with greater public support, BUT for the moment at least it’s time to loudly applaud Obama and foreign policy team for a change.   And time to hope again that Obama has the guts and the stamina and the ability to prevail with regard to Syria and Iran.

Under immense pressures from the two long-time U.S. allies in the region, each with powerful however different lobbies in Washington, Obama is making critical historical political deals in and about the Middle East rather than unleashing more dogs of war.

The Israelis and Saudis are both furious.  The former is calling it all a “historical mistake of major proportions” and working relentlessly to turn the tables in the months ahead.   The later is screaming and deploying its many money men and levers…including working in tandem with the Zionist Israelis more closely than ever.  Latest screech from Riyadh, after their U.N. debacle, is they are going to call in their debt from the Pakistanis and get some nukes of their own while also escalating their arms to the Syrian “rebels”!

At least so far Obama has managed to outmaneuver both Netanyahu of Israel and Bandar of Arabia.  But this grand chess match over the future of the Middle East remains inconclusive at this point.    Or to use the metaphor from America’s favorite pastime, we’ve still got many innings to go!