PAKISTAN – New Crisis Next Week

11 11 2013

Supporters of Pakistani Labour Party rally against United States and condemned drone attacks on militants in Pakistani tribal areas along the Afghanistan border, Friday, Dec. 4, 2009 in Lahore, Pakistan. (AP Photo/K.M.Chaudary)

It’s blowback time once again.  The Pakistani PM came to Washington a few weeks back and told the Americans he was going to be trying to reach some kind of detente with the Pakistani Taliban, powerful tribal groups aligned with the Afghani Taliban the Americans have been killing for a decade now.  It wasn’t what the Americans wanted to hear.

Just before this long-planned gambit was to begin about a week ago the Americans drone killed the leader of the Pakistani Taliban sabotaging any possible talks.

As a result the party of Imran Khan, former cricket star, has given both the Americans and the Islamabad government an ultimatum.  End the drone strikes by 20 November or face a popular uprising that will stop the Americans from using the Kyber Pass and greatly disrupt supplies going to Afghanistan as well heavy equipment now leaving Afghanistan.

Since Khan’s PTI party controls the critical Province with access to the Khyber Pass, and since he himself is a very popular and respected personality, another crisis is brewing for the Americans.