18 11 2013

It’s not really about Iranian nukes; the country has none and even if it went down that road the Iranians have no history or inclination for suicide.   It is about Iranian power and influence.  It is about which regimes will survive and prosper.  It is about who will control the oil/gas and vast petro money/wealth of the region.  It is about an Israel determined to expand and control and the Saudi Royals also desperate to stay in power and dominate.

And so we’ve reached quite a moment in history.   The two regional proteges of the USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia, are now defying their sponsor and benefactor.  Using their powerful but so different lobbies, now in tandem, Israel and Saudi Arabia are jointly determined to prevent an Iranian rapproachment with the US and the West, a major effort very much in the overall interests of the U.S. as determined by Obama/Kerry/Rice.

This is what explains why the Saudis are fueling the “rebels” in Syria as well as letting their alliance with Israel come into the open at considerable risk to their own credibility and legitimacy.

While Obama and many in Europe are vigorously pursuing a new relationship with Iran, which would indeed change the politics and economics of the Middle East and the world, Netanyahu of Israel and Bandar of Saudi are not only making unprecedented public maneuvers to prevent the rapproachment but preparing a major regional war to take down the regimes in Damascus, Beirut, and then Tehran.

One way or another Israel and the Saudis are determined to entangle the US once the war is ignited.  With a weakened, confused, and sinking Obama not likely to be able to defy them, he could still be forced or enticed to join them.

They did get Obama to impose “crippling” sanctions.  They have gotten him to send Israel vast amounts of weaponry and to sell the Saudis and Gulf allies a huge arsenal as well.  They almost got him to attack Syria and they did get him to OK the Junta in Cairo, despite occasional rhetoric about “democracy”.  And most recently, turning to the “divide and rule” tactic they learned from the West, they cajoled and enticing the French with major financial and political benefits.

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