21 11 2013

John Kerry Wrecking Ball

“This guy has been a human wrecking ball!”

This the latest slam from John McCain…and in public!   Just imagine what he must be saying in private!  When I saw a brief news clip of his “colorful” description a few days ago I thought he leveled it against Obama.   Looks like he has both Obama and Kerry in his political gunsights.

Make no mistake about it.  John McCain is a dangerous militant neo-con warrior very much in the grip of AIPAC and the Israel/Jewish Lobby.  He’s the same John McCain who pushed hard to get the bombing of Syria started just some weeks back.  And the same John McCain who in yesteryear actually sang with a big laugh on his face “Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, IRAN” in the style of the Beach Boys of his youth!

Now McCain is one of the political 5-Star Generals leading the huge effort to block rapproachment with Iran — all coordinated by Israel and it’s multi-tentacled Lobby.  The real goal is nothing less than to ignite a regional conflict to take down the regimes in Damascus, Beirut, and the biggest prize of all, Tehran.