25 11 2013

Those talking heads and writers suggesting it’s a done deal with Iran are way off!    As much as I admire my friend Robert Fisk, his suggestion that now Netanyahu is on his own and Obama triumphant seems much more wishful thinking than astute analysis of what is happening and likely to happen.  (see Fisk’s most recent article today at MiddleEast.Org)

The Israelis and Saudis, now a tag-team trading on Israeli political clout along with Mossad capabilities on top of Saudi money, have no intention of relenting to Obama’s ways that could in fact alter the political/financial landscape of the Middle East and world.   For what this Iran agreement is really about is not Iran nukes, but rather growing Iranian, as well as Russian, power and influence…on that Fisk is definitely on target.

An even greater effort to block Obama on the Iran front, as well as so many others both at home and abroad, is underway.   His poll numbers and credibility are at an all-time low, his chances of prevailing in the mid-term election seem now crushed, his powers and clout on Capitol Hill are limited at best, and the whole Middle East from Egypt to Iraq to Afghanistan to Syria to Pakistan is in quite unpredictable turmoil.   

Plus…expect the unexpected!    Netanyahu and Bandar are masters of that game, not Obama!