Don’t let IRAN obscure…..

26 11 2013

Numerous major and dangerous international events are escalating as the world shifts from US domination to multi-polarity.   While the pundits, talking heads, and far too many blabbermouth “politicians” have been preoccupied with Iran in recent days, all of these other major developments have taken place:

WARSAW – The very future of Planet itself is still in doubt and on hold — the latest major U.N. climate conference ended with minimal progress, most memorable though for the remarkably moving speech by the Chief Delegate from the Philippines

CHINA – The first Chinese Stealth Drone has been debuted even as the Chinese take bold steps to assert control of the air, as well as the seas, in the Pacific.

UKRAINE – EU versus Russia with Putin winning the latest round and huge demonstrations erupting.

AFGHANISTAN – U.S.-installed regime to continue with American Troops, contractors, CIA all propping up, arming, paying, the Kabul regime for years to come.

PAKISTAN – Major anti-Drone Protests may soon lead to blockades of U.S. convoys to/from Afghanistan.

EGYPT – Military Junta outlaws demonstrations and starting to buy Russian weapons with Saudi money.

FUKUSHIMA – Desperate, never-before, attempts to remove fuel rods and contain radiation will take years, decades, and could still result in radiation catastrophe.