28 11 2013


28 11 2013 – Thanksgiving Day:    The Neocons, with all of their interconnections to the Israelis, are hardly giving up or rolling over.  Time after time they have in the past outmaneuvered, undermined, or waited out U.S. Presidents, not to mention what they have done to Arab and Muslim leaders.

Nor is what has just happened with the Geneva Iran “interim, first step” agreement the first time an American Administration has successfully stood up against them, unlike commentaries from many unknowing pundits.  They don’t always get their way — remember IKE and 1956, Kissinger/Ford and the “Reassessment”, Jimmy Carter and Camp David + Lebanon, Bush/Baker and Madrid…just a few examples from yesteryear.  But they are unrelenting in twisting things their way over time, revisiting what they want over and over again until they get it.

The other day the notorious Drudge boldly featured a caricature of Obama dressed as Neville Chamberlain declaring “Peace in our Time”.   This is of course Netanyahu’s mantra…Obama the gullible and naive, Iran the Nazis, he Bibi the Churchill in waiting!

As usual the Israelis and the Neocons turn to fear-mongering and grossly misguided historical analogies as they activate their many lobbyists, agents and media men.   But actually it is the militant right-winger ideologues among them who are in fact more closely and correctly analogized to the Fascists and Nazis of the past.

In a sense, though, you can’t blame them — such attitudes and tactics have worked for them so often in the past.   But it is the rest of us who should now be vociferously standing up to them and putting them down.

I am surely no cheerleader for Obama/Kerry/Rice with Clinton (both of them) now in the wings.  Their party is so beholden to the Wall Streeters and the oh-so-misguided and dangerous in their own way “liberal Jews” who play such a dominant funding and consequently policy role in the Dem Party.   Indeed so many of the Obama policies have been so hypocritical, so duplicitous, in some critical cases down-right neoconesque.

BUT when it comes to the realignment taking place in the Middle East, now symbolized by the efforts for rapproachement with Iran defying total domination of American Middle East policies by Israel and Saudi Arabia,  we’re fortunate to have the Obamaites in charge here in Washington at this critical time.

And thus however reluctantly, and cautiously,  and not forgetting how often they have politically seduced and let us down before, we nevertheless all need to get on board for this ride and work zealously to make this PEACE IN OUR TIME prevail!

Despite so many dangerous and frightening events taking place, there are, we must remember, many things for many of us to be seriously thankful for on this Thanksgiving…this among them!

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