29 11 2013

I’ll keep this extra short and simple today.  We should all be boycotting the Egyptian Military Junta Regime, refusing to have anything to do with it.  I’ll skip a rendition of what the Junta has done and how it is a reincarnation of the worst of the Mubarak era — indeed nearly everyone in charge now, whether wearing a uniform, a suit, or a robe, was empowered during by the Mubarak regime.

I ran into the Junta Regime Egyptian Ambassador a week ago at a banquet…I had made no effort to speak to him at the reception it just happened we were going into the dinning room at the same time.   He’s someone I knew years ago when he was a more junior foreign service person serving the Mubarak regime.  So we had a short polite conversation but I took the opportunity to tell him that the military Junta (yes I used the term) had forced me to be a supporter of the Brotherhood.  He both frowned and smiled simultaneously, gave me his card, and asked me to get in touch and come talk with him.

No will do.  Won’t be calling.  And won’t be visiting the Egyptian Embassy as long as the Junta Regime or its masked “civilian” consorts are in charge, as long as the “dissidents” and Brotherhood and real democracy supporters are being hunted down and jailed.

Nor will I be changing this attitude next year when the Junta brings on sham elections just as was done throughout the Mubarak years, all with Washington’s OK we must always remember.   Mubarak too was but a redressed former General running a very brutal, repressive, tortuous regime for all those decades propped up, armed, and financed by you know who!   The current Junta Regime is even worse!