31 12 2013


“Speculators at megabanks or investment firms such as Goldman Sachs are not, in a strict sense, capitalists. They do not make money from the means of production. Rather, they ignore or rewrite the law…to steal from everyone, including their shareholders. They are parasites. They feed off the carcass of industrial capitalism. They produce nothing. They make nothing. They just manipulate money. Speculation in the 17th century was a crime. Speculators were hanged.”

Not some no-nothing wrote this.  Rather it comes from the former Middle East bureau chief of The New York Times now not only in exile, not only repenting, but on the path of noble truth-telling and instigating revolution.

The full article from Chris Hedges is at today.   Great way to say goodbye to 2013!

Oh yes, the new Jesuit Pope may not understand the intricacies of Wall Street and the grossly corrupted banking system but he sure is aware of the ravages of contemporary capitalism and boldly, courageously, told us so in the year now about to conclude.

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Obama’s Drone Selfie

30 12 2013


29 12 2013

The Occupy Movement, the 99 per-centers, and the various intellectuals and academics who speak up (but get little media time) about the gross excesses of American Capitalism are so on target.   Add this year the voice of the new Jesuit Pope Francis who lashed out in a major historic epostolic exhortation terming today’s capitalism “a new tyranny”.

Just look at this single fact set of facts.   The unemployment insurance program in the U.S., now being cancelled for more than a million Americans those who have been using it the longest but still haven’t found a new job, costs about $25 billion yearly.   Juxtapose that with the bankers of Wall Street who are this year alone paying themselves more than $90 BILLION in YEAR-END BONUSES, this on top of their already considerable salaries!There is indeed an unholy alliance, a gross tyranny, between New York Wall Streeters and Washington politicians.  Beyond the gross misallocation of monies it is a tyranny that renders the very terms democracy and liberty superfluous.

Simply said, Wall Street controls the politicians who control the laws and the tax structure.  Furthermore the same super-rich class numbering in the thousands literally owns and controls most of the major “main stream media” as well as both of the major political parties.  Through these institutional means this super-rich class also controls the key appointments to the Treasury Department, the Commerce, Department, and the Federal Reserve, plus of course who gets into the White House.

Latest Obama/Kerry Israel Scandal!

28 12 2013

Jonathan Pollard red, white and blue

LASTING WASHINGTON SCANDAL!      Having already turned the entire “Peace Process” over to the Israeli/Jewish lobby, the top “negotiator” a long-time Israeli Lobby operative, now comes the trial balloon that Obama and Kerry are thinking of releasing Jonathan Pollard as part of this miserably corrupted “Peace Process”!

“US Secretary of State John Kerry has reportedly agreed to consider the Israeli request to release Israeli agent Jonathan Pollard as a condition to the release of the remaining 52 Palestinian” prisoners say Israeli officials today!

Obama and Kerry are nothing more now than front-men for the Israeli/Jewish Lobby which owns and controls them!  And for the big-money Jewish/Zionist tycoons — Saban, Zuckerman, Pritzer, Saltzman, Klutnick, et. al. — who own and control the Democratic Party.

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27 12 2013

The U.S. arms manufacturers, the military-industrial complex cum neocons, love it.  The Saudis and Gulf countries are fast arming for war and unlike Israel, subsidized by American money, they are paying top dollar — in total approaching $100 billion in arms contracts this year and last!

On top of the arms the Saudis are now leading the GCC countries to field a new regional army of 100,000 strong — that they in effect will command — in preparation for three things:

1)  War with IRAN which also means war on what’s left of the secular Baath (Syria) and Hezbollah (Lebanon).

2)  Escalating repression throughout the region to keep the Saudi and associated GCC Royals in power, put down any further Arab Spring attempts, and further buttress the historic counter-revolution in Egypt.

3)  Further alignment with Israel and the U.S. to control the region, including critical Saudi support for the deceptive and also history-making Israel/U.S. apartheid “peace plan” being forced on the Palestinians.

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WAR 2014

25 12 2013

Another telling illustration

The Israelis, Saudis, Neocons, and War Hawks (McCain at the top of the list), are determined to ignite the larger regional war in the year ahead…having gotten close in the year behind.

They will probably succeed.  For more succinct insights read the many commentaries I’ve made this year right here –


24 12 2013


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