ARAFAT ASSASSINATION – The Al Jazeera Coverup!

4 12 2013

Arafat and Sharon: Old Enemies

Al Jazeera, this year, touts how it  exclusively uncovered that Yasser Arafat “may have been” assassinated by poisoning.   Al Jazeera refuses to even acknowledge that I and others actually spoke and wrote that Arafat has been poisoned and “stealth assassinated” even before Arafat was officially pronounced dead back in 2004!  And I and others quite vociferously demanded at the time a full and impartial autopsy back then when it could have mattered.

Radio Interview 5 Nov 2004           Radio interview 11 Nov 2004

Articles written at the time of Arafat Assassination in 2004

The real untold story, and the real coverup which Al Jazeera is actually complicitous in even to this day, is how top Palestinian Authority officials, including Abu Mazen himself, along with Arafat’s “wife” Suha, participated in the historic cover-up of the Israeli assassination and were paid tens of millions to do so.

Al Jazeera refuses to ask the key questions and refuses to interview the people who could provide the real answers.

  • Why was Arafat’s personal doctor prevented from even seeing him in his last weeks, prevented from accompanying him to France, never even consulted by the French doctors?
  • Why was Suha Arafat rushed to Ramallah for just a few hours to OK the orders (from whom?) for Arafat to be taken to a very private “French military hospital” — all also OKed by Israel?
  • Why did top PA officials and Suha participate in the Israeli assassination coverup?
  • How were they enticed to do so?
  • How much were they paid to do so?
  • What threats were made to them if they refused?
  • Why to this day does Suha pretend no one even suggested a scientific and impartial autopsy must be done when in fact Arafat’s personal doctor was demanding it and others including myself had detailed at the time that Sharon and Bush had collaborated to “Stealth Assassinate” Arafat?
  • Who was really behind the total refusal to allow an autopsy which in fact was required by French law, and why the super quick burial of Arafat in concrete in Ramallah preventing an autopsy?