SHOCKING! Neither Netanyahu nor Peres will attend Mandela Memorial

9 12 2013

If the reports are true, it’s pretty shocking news that Israel is now so isolated in the world that neither Prime Minister Netanyahu nor President Peres will be attending the historic Mandela Memorial tomorrow in South Africa.  The unprecedented gathering starting tomorrow will bring together upwards of 90 governmental leaders and Heads of State…but not Israel!

True the Israeli government was one of the big supporters of Apartheid.   True Shimon Peres himself worked closely with the Apartheid White Regime, including on their nuclear weapons program as well as trade and “security”.  True the Israelis modeled some of their restrictions on those of Apartheid including the hated Pass Laws and the Bantustans.  True that Apartheid as well as Israel officially came into being in 1948.

But then the movement of which today’s British Prime Minister was then part publicly called for the hanging of Nelson Mandela and the outlawing of the “terrorist” ANC  in the mid-1980s — but Cameron will be there for Mandela.

And the Americans provided the “intelligence” to the Apartheid regime to capture and imprison Mandela and refused to even remove the ANC from the “Terrorist Watch List” until just a few years ago in 2008 – but the American President will be there.

Other rogue countries and regimes are going to be represented as well.

BUT not Israel!   In a sense, how fitting!  Mandela once again even in death standing up for his principles!

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