FEDERAL RESERVE – A Jewish and now Israeli Job?

14 12 2013

You would think a qualification for the critical financial position of FED Chairman in Washington was the person be Jewish and Israeli-connected.  Since 1986 that’s a description of all persons who have been FED Chairman, and Volker before that was a kind of honorary.

In the days ahead, in another payoff to his wealthy Jewish contributors and the extraordinary close ties that bind the US and Israel, and in addition to his Jewish/Zionist billionaire Commerce Secretary from Chicago, Obama is about to appoint an Israeli to be FED Vice-Chairman!

Replacing Yellen who is replacing Bernake, will be Stanley Fischer, who until a few months ago was the head of the Israeli Central Bank!    Fischer, who holds both U.S. and Israeli citizenship and has now moved to New York, left his position as Governor of the Bank of Israel after Obama  told him he was going to appoint him FED Vice as soon as current Vice Yellen took over from Bernake.

But this is as they say just the tip of the iceberg.  Wall Street itself is dominated with many tycoons not only Jewish in origin but highly connected with one or another arms of the Israeli-Jewish Lobby in the U.S. and many Israelis officials, past and present.

What I wrote about the FED back in October should also be of interest now.   Plus remember, Yellin only got the job after another major Jewish personality, Larry Summers, had to withdraw from consideration for other reasons.