US pushing Israeli ‘Peace Plan” on Palestinians

19 12 2013

Mahmoud Abbas / AP    Abbas: ‘This looks like a plan drafted by Israel’


 No way Abbas and his cronies can be trusted.  They became a co-opted quisling regime, in the pay of and protected by, their protagonists, including the U.S., long ago.  Abbas himself has made so many capitulations there’s no way anything he now agrees to will in reality “end the conflict” or be agreed to by his people.   Not to mention he’s an illegitimate “President” in the first place — refusing to call elections years after he should have, allowing and aiding the imprisonment of many of his rivals, his every word listened to by his enemies who occupy him as well as his people.    Nevertheless, the Israelis may get what they want, a signed document and even more time to consolidate their hold over all of historic Palestine.

Now, after all these years, Abbas has discovered that the very Americans he is negotiating with come from the Israeli/Jewish Lobby itself.  No wonder of course that what they present as a “peace plan” is little more than the surrender terms the Israelis have been pushing in one form or another for so long, and which Abbas and his cronies have perpetually danced around collecting more monies, VIP trips, and privileges for themselves, while their people have been stripped of their rights, dignities, and freedoms.

Long ago Abbas should have been forced to resign.  He and his cronies have become disgusting.

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