22 12 2013

Middle East

The Israelis, Saudis, Neocons, Militarists, continue pushing for, setting the stage for, preparing the way for, what they plan to be a decisive regional Middle East WAR.  They are determined an imperial U.S. will remain the dominant player in the region from North Africa to Pakistan and they insist  the two major U.S. allies, Israel and Saudi Arabia, will remain in control of the region…and of Washington.

Immediately in the New Year they will try to halt and undermine any rapproachment with Iran and renew efforts to take down the Baath regime in Syria, Hezbollah in Lebanon, Hamas in Palestine, checkmate Putin and the Russians, and make sure the Arab Spring fails as they have already done in Egypt and Bahrain and throughout much of the region.  And then IRAN!

The same Congress that gave Netanyahu 29 standing ovations is politically greasing the way for War; while the military and CIA are ramping up with superbombs and superplots.

This from Reuters just a few days ago:

“More than a quarter of the Senate introduced legislation Thursday that could raise sanctions on Iran and compel the United States to support Israel if it launches a pre-emptive attack on the Iranian nuclear program, defying President Barack Obama and drawing a veto threat.”

That’s right.  Read the bold part again!   Not only is the Israeli/Jewish Lobby super pushing this legislation.  They have already gotten a bi-partisan group of Senators to introduce it; and they are already counter-threatening the President that if he vetoes they will do something extreme rare when it comes to foreign policy and override the Presidential veto!   Senator Lindsey Graham has already declared loud and clear “If the president wants to veto, we’ll override his veto!”

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