27 12 2013

The U.S. arms manufacturers, the military-industrial complex cum neocons, love it.  The Saudis and Gulf countries are fast arming for war and unlike Israel, subsidized by American money, they are paying top dollar — in total approaching $100 billion in arms contracts this year and last!

On top of the arms the Saudis are now leading the GCC countries to field a new regional army of 100,000 strong — that they in effect will command — in preparation for three things:

1)  War with IRAN which also means war on what’s left of the secular Baath (Syria) and Hezbollah (Lebanon).

2)  Escalating repression throughout the region to keep the Saudi and associated GCC Royals in power, put down any further Arab Spring attempts, and further buttress the historic counter-revolution in Egypt.

3)  Further alignment with Israel and the U.S. to control the region, including critical Saudi support for the deceptive and also history-making Israel/U.S. apartheid “peace plan” being forced on the Palestinians.

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