Latest Obama/Kerry Israel Scandal!

28 12 2013

Jonathan Pollard red, white and blue

LASTING WASHINGTON SCANDAL!      Having already turned the entire “Peace Process” over to the Israeli/Jewish lobby, the top “negotiator” a long-time Israeli Lobby operative, now comes the trial balloon that Obama and Kerry are thinking of releasing Jonathan Pollard as part of this miserably corrupted “Peace Process”!

“US Secretary of State John Kerry has reportedly agreed to consider the Israeli request to release Israeli agent Jonathan Pollard as a condition to the release of the remaining 52 Palestinian” prisoners say Israeli officials today!

Obama and Kerry are nothing more now than front-men for the Israeli/Jewish Lobby which owns and controls them!  And for the big-money Jewish/Zionist tycoons — Saban, Zuckerman, Pritzer, Saltzman, Klutnick, et. al. — who own and control the Democratic Party.

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