2014 – The YEAR of SCOTLAND

3 01 2014

Scotland, UK

It was 307 years ago that Scotland united with England and the United Kingdom.  This September the people of Scotland will be voting whether to become a fully independent country in the new age of globlization.  Outcome uncertain.

If Scotland goes independent many in the Catalonia region of Spain may be encouraged to want independence too; and they are going to try to vote that way in November.

If, just if, old regions of key European countries start breaking off into independent countries the future of the EU is itself in doubt.

And in today’s “modern” world you can bet the Basques, Kurds, Tibetans,  Chechnyans, Texans, and many around the world will be watching, waiting, and thinking anew about the future as well as the past.

Catalonia, Spain