15 01 2014

   Not only are the Saudis arming and fueling the “rebels” who are destroying Syria, not only have they reinforced the despicable Bahraini dictatorship, not only are they behind the Egyptian counter-revolution and the Junta coup, not only are they in bed with the Israelis plotting to take down Iran and consolidate hold on the region for themselves at tremendous cost in blood and treasure, not only have they repeatedly sold out the Palestinians…they today showed their total contempt for which they cannot possibly be forgiven.

Having just given billions to both the Egyptian and Lebanese armies, after buying some $60 billion in American arms and more still from the Brits and and French, the Saudis today literally told the millions of desperate Syrian refugees to go get screwed and be damned!

While the U.N. is pleading for billions to feed and cloth the Syrian millions now constituting one of the greatest of humanitarian disasters of modern times, the damnable Saudis pledged, as did partner Qatar, a measly $60 million!   Furthermore they continue to undermine the upcoming Geneva II conference and they are escalating still more arms and money to the fanatical Islamic rebels in Syria and throughout the region.

The time for standing up to both the Saudi and Israeli lobbies in the U.S. is at hand.   Their influence in corporate and media America, as well as in political Washington, should finally be much more exposed and terminated.