BOYCOTT EGYPT’S JUNTA! New Constitution is fraud and illegitimate.

17 01 2014

It’s a conclusion I reach with much hesitation and regret.   I have visited Egypt more than 50 times, many as guest of the government.  I played a role in history meeting alone for an hour with President Sadat and helping convince him to make his then unbelieveable visit to Israel.   Over the years I have interviewed in-depth many Egyptian Foreign Ministers, met with Mubarak and many other officials, and urged so many of my friends and family to visit Egypt.

Now I conclude the Egyptian Junta needs to be boycotted and shunned.  This means people should stop making tourist visits to Egypt.  And people should curtail  visits to Egyptian Embassies, being friends with those who represent the Junta, and doing business with Egypt.   The Egyptian Junta should be treated as a pariah regime now not later.  Egypt today is like Chile and Greece and Argentina and South Africa in times past when military dictators ruled in those countries and did awful things we only found out about years later — and our American government then was oftentimes so complicitous.

Oh yes, for those who may be wondering, I do support what is known as the BDS movement when it comes to Israel.   In general we should now extend “boycott, divestment, and sanctions” to Junta Egypt — even as we realize the many differences and not diminishing at all the urgency of further isolating apartheid Israel which is also in reality a military regime with top leaders redressed in suits after uniforms.

The Brotherhood in Egypt has no history of terrorism, much the opposite.  The real terrorists and thugs of Egypt today are the counter-revolutionaries now with official new titles, nearly all of whom were officials in the Mubarak regime.  The most guilty are the cowardly Generals who intimidate, gun down, and torture Egyptian civilians — lacking the courage to take on the Israelis while they instead are actually cooperating with them!

As for the new Junta Egyptian Constitution this week.  It’s worse than a deception, it’s furtherance of the military coup and lacks historical legitimacy plain and simple.

And yes of course U.S. arms and money for the Generals should be suspended, we Americans should end our complicity this time now.   Let the Saudis and Russia prop up the Junta Generals.  We need bribe them no more; nor need we fear they will ever risk taking on Israel.

Let the people of Egypt and of the entire region in fact know that we Americans truly do stand for freedom and democracy.  Yes our government usually mouths such slogans but doesn’t truly act on them.   That’s no excuse for the rest of us not standing up for what is right and not demanding changes from our own government.