“The Greatest Perveyor of Violence in the World Today”

22 01 2014

https://i1.wp.com/media.al.com/entertainment-times/photo/courtesy-of-don-howard-b48fd5c96ec54f74.jpg   How history turns!   Monday was Martin Luther King day in America.    Yet in his lifetime MLK was high on the secret FBI list to spy on, defame, and discredit.

The reason:  King was not only condemning American racism and inequality he was as well condemning U.S. violence, covert as well as overt, around the world.

“The United States is the greatest perveyor of violence in the world today” King declared from the pulpit at Riverside Church in New York just a year before he was assassinated.    He was right then as was Ellsberg and others in years to come.

Snowden, Manning, Assange, and the other whistle-blowers are right today — which is why the U.S. government is hounding them, threatening them, defaming them, and jailing them desperately (and successfully in most cases) trying to frighten and intimidate all who want to follow.