28 01 2014

Draft Constitution Egypt Amr Moussa

General Pinochet took over in Chile in 1973 when he toppled and killed the elected socialist President Allende.    Years later we found out the magnitude of American complicity masterminded by Kissinger and the CIA.

Now General Sisi is taking over in Egypt after arresting and jailing the elected President Morsi.  American attempts to mask their complicity are laughable — Sisi is a product of extensive American military training with initimate ties to the Pentagon and CIA, and the whole Egyptian Army has been schooled, financed, and infiltrated, for a generation.

The Mubarak-era cronies are back in charge playing their same deceitful, duplicitous, and self-enriching games even worse than in times past.  The only major difference is that the Army itself is now front and center their ploy of hiding behind redressed Generals and puppet politicos exhausted.

As for General (opps now Field Marshal) Sisi his only combat experience and war record is repressing and killing his own people.  The army he has lead to disaster lacks the ability and capability to fight, other than Egyptian civilians that is, and is actually closely cooperating with the Israelis as well as the Americans and now being further financed by the Saudis.