3 02 2014

“The extent of corruption in Europe is “breathtaking” and it costs the EU economy at least 120bn euros.  The true cost of corruption was “probably much higher” than 120bn.”

Finally the Europeans are attempting to tell some of the truths about their own governments and systems.  Today’s official report about “corruption” is the first ever; and it no doubt greatly understates the already “breathtaking” findings.

But it is the Americans who have even greater forms and amounts of hidden and “legalized corruption” that tremendously distorts the will of the people and the very underpinnings of democracy.

At the heart of American corruption is the military industrial complex; the “revolving door” between Wall Street, lobbyists, and government; the corporate take-over of mass media; and the essential prostitution of the political class to big money and power.  An entire construct of corrupt means and methods has been created by the super-rich in the U.S. who use their money to elect, to buy, and to control political officials as well as the intersecting media class.

But the Americans, unlike the Europeans, have never ever officially investigated and reported on the corruptions that are so rampant in their social/political/economic system.  Meanwhile more and more this American corruption is weakening not only the very fabric of  democracy in the U.S. but the very strength and cohesion of American society.