The Big Corporations Want to Hijack the Internet!

4 02 2014

Main Entry Image (From a recent article – full article and more at  The battle to preserve Internet freedom got a shot in the arm this week with a dramatic demonstration by activists in front of the Federal Communications Commission.

The move sent a strong signal that the uproar over a recent federal court ruling striking down net neutrality, or the policy that Internet service providers must treat all online content equally, is far from over.

On Thursday, activists dropped over 1 million signed petitions off at an FCC meeting, demanding the agency bring back net neutrality. The petitioners were joined by a coalition of 86 companies and organizations, including the American Civil Liberties Union, Reporters Without Borders and Reddit. The group of 86 also sent a letter to the FCC asking for a change.

“People are rightly outraged at the loss of net neutrality protections, and they’re hungry for ways to take action,” said Josh Levy, the Internet campaign director for media advocacy organization Free Press, one of the main groups that helped collect the signatures. “That’s why the coalition of groups that got a million signatures — Free Press, CREDO, ColorofChange, Avaaz, Demand Progress and many others — was able to gather them so quickly.”

Levy said that the group was able to collect the signatures in just two weeks.