BEWARE J Street, Peace Now, and the Two-State Solution!

5 02 2014

BEWARE J Street, Peace Now, and the Two-State Solution!.



5 02 2014

Giving Obama credit is difficult these days.  He has squandered so much of his credibility and authority with often unprincipled and contradictory policies.  He has made grand speeches but then waffled so much on following through.  He claims to have ended the Iraq war and to be ending the Afghanistan war but the reality is he has left both countries bleeding and fractured at huge cost in lives and treasure.   Furthermore he has acquiesced in the Egyptian Junta takeover and in fomenting the Syian civil war.

So far however Obama has managed not to allow hot war ignition with Syria and Iran and for that he does deserve credit — but maybe temporary.  For he has done so while greatly escalating the covert and economic wars, fueling militarism in response in Russia and China, and boxing himself down the road now when his hard-line assurances and promises will again be coming back to haunt him.

And oh yes, the so-called “Middle East Peace Process”…what a grand deception by Obama and Kerry!   They are actually the front men for the Israelis and Jewish financiers who are more desperate than ever to force the quisling regime known as the Palestinian Authority into giving away basic Palestinian rights and saving Israel from the result of its long-term policies.  In the process Obama has armed Israel more than ever — as well as the Saudis, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain…but they pay for their weapsons — and thus helped prepare the region for still more divisions, chaos, and destruction.