8 02 2014


Obama should have been there in Sochi for the grand spectacular opening yesterday.   He should have risen to the occasion.  He should have been there smiling with the Chinese President, the U.N. Secretary-General, and Putin.  He should have shown his own people he is a Statesman as well as a President.  He should have shown the world he understands the Olympic Spirit.

Instead Obama was in the White House being interviewed by NBC and planning another trip next month to Saudi Arabia, that bastion of human rights and democracy long allied with the U.S. in the Middle East…along with Israel!   Russia is another big failure for Obama — remember all the hoopla about the “reset”?   Indeed relations with the other almost great powers — China as well as Russia — have actually considerable worsened with Obama leading to a major arms buildup with both.

We’ve reached a point in world affairs where the President of China seems more astute than that of the United States, and when the Foreign Minister of Russia speaks with more credibility and consistency than the American Secretary of State.