Middle East Crunch time for Obama

10 02 2014

Mideast Peace Prospects

Shortly after Obama let it be known he’s going to Saudi Arabia next month, Netanyahu let it be known he’s coming first to the U.S.  Bibi will corner Obama as Israel has done so many times before and prepare the Congress to twist Obama to their ways or block Obama if needed when the time is right.

Obama may appear in charge but that’s just illusion.   His time to deliver on Syria and Iran is fast approaching and his ability to do so is limited at best.  Furthermore those looking to trip him up are lying in wait and preparing to strike.

Then there’s Egypt, Iraq, and Bahrain — all places in turmoil with long-term thanks to the Americans.

Add to the mix Afghanistan and Pakistan, were the Taliban is riding higher than before the Americans invaded and unleashed their Drones.

So prepare for lots of political fireworks in the months ahead…and don’t be surprised if it comes to more than that!
And oh yes the “Peace Process”, one actually controlled by the Israelis through their Jewish Lobby negotiating team honchos empowered by Kerry/Obama.  Here Obama via Kerry are really doing what the Israelis and the Lobby want them to, don’t be mislead by the intensity of the political theatrics otherwise.