Little Netherlands and Norway?

17 02 2014


Can someone please explain?  The Netherlands is a country of dikes holding back the sea and 17 million.  Norway is a vast country with oil and just 5 million.  And yet these countries are at the top of the Olympics medals countries.

Yes Norway is way up north and cold with lots of snow, but with just half the population of New York City!  The Netherlands not even so.   Can someone please explain?

Meanwhile the Russians are putting on quite a show.  True at great cost, so much corruption, still growing Putin-era repression, and quite excessive capitalist-style gross wealth for a few while the majority struggle to get by.

The Pussy Riot women are right to be protesting, as are so many others.  So after the sure to be grand Olympics closing next week Putin should concentrate much more on improving life and freedoms for the great majority of Russians.  But then, truth be told,  the same needs to be said for those in power in Beijing and Washington and Brussels as well, the other “great powers” of our era.

Sochi Winter Olympics 2014