Think Differently, Dig Deeper, Question More! RT

19 02 2014

RT Question More Mouspad Vertical Mousepad

Putin’s new Russia is having a kind of coming out party in Sochi.

Russia does have a great history, a talented people, a huge vast giant country, and a legacy of social and political problems now represented, to a considerable extent, by the challenges coming from the Pussy Riot women among other protestors.

Another of Putin’s successes is his growing RT international network — which broadcasts in Spanish and Arabic in addition to English.   The motto of RT, Russia Today, is “Think Differently, Dig Deeper, Question More”.   And indeed, not only at home but also in Europe, the Middle East, and America, RT has hired many bright, interesting, attractive, and unusually charismatic  youngish journalists who are doing just that!   As for recently adding to this mix Larry King….well…that’s another story!

Here in the U.S. in fact RT as well AlJazeera have changed the international news landscape in recent years.   This is especially the case for the best educated American elite who are indeed seeking a respite from the humdrum more-of-the same sophistry and entertainment-style quasi-news programs put on by their own commercial networks as well as PBS.

Indeed RT is able to use this slogan with such effect precisely because many Americans are fed up with the conformist, shallow, and often mindless stuff they get from their own networks, so much infiltrated by corporate sponsors and government-sponsored propaganda talking-heads.