F**king FRACKING! Gross injustice and Endangerment

24 02 2014


The Fracking method for extracting oil and gas is making tons of money for the big vulture corporations while causing serious as-yet-uncertain long-term environmental problems and dangers.  We will all end up paying the price for this further desolation of mother earth…but that’s down the road along with global warming consequences, and thus the corporate execs don’t care!  By then they and their friends will have cashed in and unless the laws are changed be beyond reach.

The corporations are spending a fortune promoting the virtues of fracking and buying up politicians who will safeguard it.   Yet when it comes to their own personal fortunes the CEO of ExxonMoile, Rex Tillerson, now has a lawsuit pending where he cites fracking’s negative consequences in order to block  construction near his $5 million home!

Once again we are witness to gross unjust enrichment and endangerment at the hands of super corporations and their bribery intersection with the political class and big media.  It’s time to force them to cease and desist, as well as pay up!