1 03 2014

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What’s up?  Yesterday about 5pm Obama in a brief appearance in the White House Press Room made a very public warning to Russia about Ukraine and quickly left without taking any questions.   It was a visual clearly designed for the evening newscasts.        

But my reading of the situation is that what Obama is really up to is Syria.  No US or NATO forces are going to counter the Russians in eastern or southern Ukraine.   Rather the Americans, pushed on by both the Saudis and the Israelis, are likely to use the Russian move in Ukraine to justify a major escalation of the Syria war — one already in preparation — with the goal of forcing Syria out of the Russian and Iranian orbits.          

And if that can be accomplished then there will be a take-down of Hezbollah in Lebanon, of Hamas in Palestine, coupled with a new Sisi Egypt and a forced disingenuous “Peace Process Framework” for the Israelis and Palestinians into which the Saudis and Arab League will be twisted to make a bigger buy-in.          

The Americans are already using both Jordan and Turkey as launching platforms for what may soon be a greatly increased war to take Syria.  The Saudis are rushing more advanced arms and billions to the “rebels” and more closely coordinating it all with the Americans.  Other than political support in Washington, the Israelis don’t have to do much directly with Syria, they instead are preparing for the aftermath when they will take on Hezbollah/Hamas and the big enchilada, Iran.

There is NO peace ahead anywhere in the greater Middle East now.  The questions are how much war, how much revolution, what short-term and long-term repercussions and outcomes, and can the superpowers continue to contain it all only destroying other countries and killing other peoples?    ?     ?