KERRY – Gross Hypocrisy!

3 03 2014!/image/1668906405.jpg_gen/derivatives/box_475/1668906405.jpg

“You just don’t invade another country on phony pretexts in order to assert your interests!”

“It’s an incredible act of aggression!”

These utterances from john Kerry yesterday as he ran from one Sunday talk show to the other.   What utter hypocrisy!

Not only do the Americans invade far-off lands with far worse phony pretexts than Russia in parts of Russian Ukraine at the moment, but the Americans kill in large numbers, destroy countries, and install new rulers.  Just in recent history Iraq, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, little Grenada and Panama, Libya, and so many others covertly.  Wonder if this John has read CONFESSIONS OF AN ECONOMIC HIT MAN by another John?

Plus American help and support for invasions and occupations by such allies as Israel and Saudi Arabia.  Just in recent history Bahrain, Lebanon, Gaza, and so many others covertly, most especially Syria at the moment.  Wonder if John has read the books by Howard Zinn and William Blum and most recently Oliver Stone and Peter Kutznick?

And then so many diplomatic phonies using all kinds of deception, subterfuge, espionage and CIA/Pentagon backroom intrique.  My god, Kerry’s so-called “peace process” is a big phony with his own “negotiating team” headed and controlled by long-time Israeli lobbyists!