Anti-AIPAC Washington “Summit”

8 03 2014

Some 300 or so gathered at the Press Club yesterday for what was dubbed by the organizers a “Summit” to reassess the special relationship with Israel.  Many gray-haired retired folk, very few young people though students were told they could attend free and get lunch, no members of Congress or anyone from their staffs though they too were told they could attend free, no major media though C-Span was there as it is for so many Washington events.

Now truth be told, this little gathering has been some 30 years in the making going back to the days of Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan’s long Ambassadorial reign in Washington when he set up The Council for the National Interest (CNI) and the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs (WRMEA) that sponsored the affair ….marginal and incestuous  groups and sub-groups kept on a short leash ever since.

Some good speakers, yes indeed.  But nearly all have given the same talks for many years to various small audiences and without any serious political strategy or result.  Indeed the conference keynoter, a former mediocre midwest Congressman who long ago crossed the Israeli Lobby, wrote a book about it,  and then became an unofficial Saudi lobbyists for the rest of his life, noted that a purpose of the conference was to endorse his petition to Obama to suspend U.S. funds to Israel until there is the “Two-State Solution”.  Even this audience wasn’t impressed resulting in  only polite applause and no standing ovation for now aging Paul Findley.

The bottom-line is that The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) along with its newer “liberal” counterpart J Street (which wasn’t even mentioned at this “summit’) are more powerful today than ever.   All the information presented about AIPAC is quite available these days — nothing new really.   For damning information and facts about AIPAC and Israel are not the real problem, serious political organizing and strategy is.  But after the decades and multi-millions squandered these summitteers have no grass roots, no political following, just a small church-like band of followers.

Just a few days earlier what really mattered took place in Washington.  AIPAC held the largest gathering ever at the Washington Convention Center, some 14,000 strong, more than 400 members of Congress and many of their staffers and funders, media from all over the world, and Secretary of State Kerry gave them a red-meat speech so much so you would think it was he courting them rather than Biden and Clinton running to be the next President!

Not a single mention, by the way, that their Saudi patrons are actually in bed with the Israelis these days and no mention at all of the terrible repression and suppression perpetrated by the Egyptian Junta and the Royal regimes in power in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, UAE and other Arab and GCC protectorates.

Enough for today!  Upcoming though, because its important to know the realities rather than the mythical deceptions:

  • * CNI died…just wasn’t buried
  • * Paul Findley — long career as Saudi Lobbyist
  • * AIPAC, WINEP, SABAN/BROOKINGS, JINSA, WOODROW WILSON CENTER — The Israeli/Jewish Lobby has multiplied!