Former Israeli being groomed for POTUS?

12 03 2014

Imagine this!  A former dual citizen with Israel, a man who served in the Israeli Army (he denies but there is proof), a man named after a man who was part of one of the first Israeli terrorist groups that killed the first U.N. peace negotiator, a man long associated with the Israeli/Jewish Lobby, is now being considered by the Democratic Party as their next nominee for President!

Well, after all, a friend of his also brought to the US by the Israelis, a man who personally set up the two major Israeli think-tanks in Washington, a man who had his citizenship fast-changed so he could be an American diplomat, is now the man in charge of the “Peace Negotiations” for Obama/Kerry!

And add to this that the man recently appointed to be the second top official at the Federal Reserve by Obama is not only still a dual citizen of Israel, but he was until recently the head of the Israeli Central Bank!

Read all about this at MiddleEast.Org and today.

In the photo:  Rahm Emanuel with Bill and Hillary Clinton.   One of the other men mentioned is a close friend of Emanuel’s, Martin Indyk.  And the third man mentioned, Stanley Fishcher, is still a citizen of Israel.  All are known to have deep and extensive ties with the Israelis, Mossad, and super rich American Jewish funders of the Democratic Party.