13 03 2014

The American President rushes to have the U.S. trained, financed, selected and declared “interim Prime Minister” of Ukraine pictured with him in the Oval Office.

The American Secretary of State warns of “ugly consequences” that could happen “very fast”.

Then the German Chancellor declares “catastrophic consequences” looming.

And the context is not just Crimea and the coming Sunday vote for independence and joining Russia again.

For years now after the Cold War NATO has expanded moving eastward closer and closer to the Russian border and taking on new military roles in Kosovo and Libya and beyond.   US and some NATO forces have invaded countries in the Middle East, as well as Africa, killing large numbers, installing their own new governments, and constantly threatening expanded war into Syria and Iran.  The West’s two main allies in the region, Israel and Saudi Arabia, have themselves fueled and financed ongoing conflicts.   Meanwhile economic and covert tools of war have been further deployed by the US and its allies, as has the new technology of Drone killing machines et. al.

The biggest problem we face in the world today does not come from Russia it comes from U.S. imperialism with many of the E.U. countries the junior subservient partner with America.   And with such warnings as “Ugly” and “Catastrophic” on top of the build-up of military forces the danger of blow-up into direct rather than proxie shooting conflicts is getting more ominous.