BAHRAIN! US and EU didn’t oppose Saudi ‘invasion’

15 03 2014


With so much going on in Ukraine and Syria, and this week the Malaysian plane disappearance, what has happened in Bahrain doesn’t get much attention in the U.S.  This despite the fact that Bahrain is the home of the American Navy in the Middle East and it was the top American ally in the region, Saudi Arabia, that invaded Bahrain to keep the monarchy in charge.   For these reasons I’m simply posting today some of what the Bahrain Freedom Movement has to say on this third anniversary of what they call the “Saudi occupation” of their country:

Bahrain; Third anniversary of Saudi occupation to be marked with defiance (3/12)

As the third anniversary of the Saudi occupation of Bahrain approaches there have been frantic activities inside and outside the country.  There are calls for the immediate withdrawal of the Saudi troops from that country because the native population are wholly against it. The Saudi forces invaded Bahrain on 14th March 2011 and participated in heinous crimes. The UK Government was informed of the invasion in advance but did not oppose it. In Bahrain the Revolution has been
intensified against the ruling Alkhalifa hereditary dictatorship which is accused of treachery. The dictator, Hamad bin Isa Alkhalifa, is accused of treason for inviting or accepting the Saudi occupation, compromising Bahrain’s sovereignty and seeking foreign and mercenary forces to kill Bahrainis…

The policy of kidnapping citizens and torturing them has continued unabated… 

As the American president prepares to visit Saudi Arabia, pressure is mounting on USA to come clean of its immoral links to the Gulf dictatorial monarchies. Twenty eight American Middle East experts have signed a letter to Mr Obama urging him to raise the case of Bahrain with the Saudi king during the visit. Washington has been reluctant to support pro-democracy calls in that region and has been accused of adopting double standards in dealing with the world. Its silence on horrendous human rights abuses by the GCC dictatorships has been condemned by political and human rights activists, at a time when the GCC itself is fragmenting from within.