IRAN! Israel and the Neocons

16 03 2014

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks in Eilat on March 10, with the Iranian missile shipment behind him (photo credit: AFP/Jack Guez)

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke in Eilat on March 10 with the claimed captured Iranian missile shipment displayed behind him.

Israel an the U.S. Neocons remain intent in preventing a lasting  rapprochement with Iran.  Coupled with the Saudis they actually have Obama in a corner and because of Ukraine developments a weaker Obama will be subjected to even greater pressures.  Whatever agreement Obama reaches with Iran it will not be acceptable to Israel and the Saudis and thus not to the Congress and much of the media.  In this geo-political and domestic political situation confrontation with Iran, even war, remains more likely than lasting rapprochement.   The recent article featured today at, “Four Scenarious to strike a final nuclear deal with Iran” by Seyed Hossein Mousavian, outlines a reasonable agreement with and for Iran, but it will be undermined and not allowed by the Neocons, Israelis and Saudis.