Putin and Russia on a roll

18 03 2014


Putin today hit a home run with his speech to the Parliament that was bold, historical, detailed, hard-hitting, well-crafted, to-the-point, and nicely choreographed.   Under all the circumstances, in choosing to confront the US, EU, and NATO with regard to Crimea Putin and his new Russia have emerged more powerfully onto the world stage and further diminished his now nemesis, Obama and America.

Some may conclude that the Neocons overplayed their hand in Ukraine and Obama has had to scramble to pick up a confrontation he wanted to avoid.  But then the Neocon warriors may themselves conclude they have achieved their goals once again — reigniting the cold war, reinvigorating the military-industrial complex, and cornering Obama for the real challenges to come in how the end-games with Syria and Iran are going to play out.

How the specific game with Ukraine and Russia will play out in the weeks, months, and years ahead remains very much in doubt.  Putin may have triumphed for now….but what is to come?  The Americans remain by far the most powerful country in the world, not only militarily but also in terms of covert and economic warfare capabilities — Pentagon, Black Ops, CIA, NSA, Treasury Dept, World Bank, IMF, National Endowment for Democracy, Think Tanks, NGOs. 

Furthermore — and this could prove key down the road — what is happening now with regard to Ukraine may cause Putin to feel he cannot risk being too confrontational elsewhere, just as Obama may conclude that he cannot risk being too non-confrontational when it comes to Syria and Iran.